Promotion Massage

You have a product and are looking for an unusual advertising campaign? We bring your product to the people! With a network of hundreds of trained promoters we offer not an everyday opportunity to reach customers directly.

Our massage promoters are from Wednesday to Saturday on the road in the hottest clubs and bars in eight cities in Germany from 20 clock and provide the Australian massage neckattack®. Directly on the bar stools or in the lounge, guests can enjoy this relaxing and energizing Massage (5-10 minutes, shoulder / neck area, on the clothes) and come naturally with the masseurs from this week.

Book selected tours and advertise your product or let it spread directly. Relaxed, you will never find your new customer!

Ideas for your promotion success

PoS action

By mobile massage at your PoS you revalue your whole action – & give it the extra touch of wellness.

Point collecting

Let your costumers by purchase your produkts collect points and encash them almost all over germany into a massage


Integrate our Australian massage team into your Sampling actions and distribute wellness Giveaways.

The Advantages of the Promotion Massage

Nationwide availability of Promotion-Massager, who are open for almost everything.
Easily booking the extra Wellness-Touch, without long searching for Promoter.
New nature of the conversion of our Wellness-Samplin.

Book Promotion massage

The Fair already starts tomorrow? Or sues your staff at the end of the first day on neck pain? No Problem! With our network of more than 500 masseurs throughout Germany we can use our masseurs at short notice.

Make it as some of our customers, such as the German market, Lufthansa, Solomon Food World, Coca Cola and many more..

Promotion Massage Gallery