Company Massage

Imagine: A company with several hundred employees booked neckattack® so every employee and every employee should enjoy a massage and can escape from the rigid office life short. A utopia? Far from it: this is almost a standard contract for neckattack®, and we are delighted to be always there when large enterprises or SMEs want to treat yourself to their employees something. more about massage Office.

Wellness and Workplace health promotion Ideas

motivation of staff

The consequences of prolonged sitting in front of the computer you know certainly. Make sure that your employees do not feel the effects and give a spa-pulse – on the job!

health of you staff

Workplace health promotion has become almost compulsory power of modern workplaces. With classical massage on the massage chair, the divan bed or the short massage directly on the desk chair, you make a significant contribution to health care.

higher performence

less time absens, increasing motivation and better feeling of belonging increases the efficiency of the staff members – all in just a 20 minutes time-out at work.

The Advantages of the Company Massage

Better stress management, less absence from work, prevent industrial diseases
Increasing labour productivity, increasing labour motivation
Increasing satisfaction of the labour, increasing identification with the company

Book Company massage

With a network of over 500 spa masseurs and physiotherapists throughout the country we have enough resources to perform even very large projects. Call us, we are happy to develop a tailor-made concept

Make it as some of our customers, such as the German market, Lufthansa, Solomon Food World, Coca Cola and many more..

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