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 Order your massage therapist directly to your home or office in Barcelona.

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for companies

We offer an innovative and revolutionary concept. neckattack offers therapeutic massages and positional retraining courses. Stress and poor postural hygiene are factors that affect the malfunctioning of our body. Therefore neckattack designed programes especially to achieve greater efficiency and productivity in companies.

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Relax cocktail

Is the fusion of different massage therapies, combining the traditionalwith current trendsin order to obtain better results in health andwellness.

Circulatory massage

It is aimed at those with circulatory problems, including varicose veins.


Our pre competition massage is suitable for the sports staff, consisting of muscle activation before the competition.



The Post-competition massage, performed after a competition in order to achieve muscle recovery after physical exertion.


Swedish Massage

Created to eliminate muscle tension and the reaffirmation of muscles and joints.

Massage Barcelona – Our Team

We have selected the most talented massage therapists in Barcelona and we are expanding the team. Be sure that you are in the best hands!

After 14 years in Germany, now you can book our mobile massage in Barcelona as well …

  • 14 years of experience

  • best quality because of our 3 steps evaluating process

  • money back guarentee

  • easiest online booking in Barcelona

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massage Barcelona by Agnese

With a range of skills at her fingertips and an intuitive sense that enables her to tailor each session to your exact needs, she can help you to recuperate from injury or relax and disconnect from day-to-day stress.

If you are a busy executive and work at a computer, she can help release tension, realign structures and reduce health issues.

If you’re a dedicated athlete, massage can relax muscles, ease tension and replenish energy levels. For everyone, targeted therapies can optimize your performance as well as aid recovery from trauma, accidents or overuse.

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    massage therapist and co-founder

Gilbert Quesada

massage Barcelona by Gilbert

Gilbert Quesada Castillo, with a Bachelor of Science in Physical and Sports (ISEF) from ‘Manuel Fajardo’ in 1994 in Havana (Cuba), has extensive experience in sports, both as a professional volleyball player as well as doing a great job as a volleyball coach. He has also expanded his massage career with great knowledge from his own experience as a player.

He started his massage career with a Certification in Therapeutic Massage and Sports at ‘Orthos’, Barcelona (2003).
He proceeded by following classes at the
 Rehabilitation center ‘Health Deusto’ in Barcelona (2010-2011). The latest massage qualification was in Switzerland: Therapeutic Massage Certification (Aggregation Foundation ASCA 2014-2015).


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