neckattack® massage training

In the neckattack® massage training you will learn the basics of modern compact spa massage on the massage chair . The seminars for Mobile Massage is the first day of practice focusing on, at the same time important issues of the theory will be taught, and in the seminar Manual shown again in detail. On the second day we practice intensively the classic chair massage, and rehearsed the entire 20-minute sequence of neckattack® massage.

10 Good Reasons

There are – at least! – Ten good reasons for our neckattack® massage training

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    intensive 16-hour weekend
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    qualified, friendly instructors
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     Massage techniques DVD to take home
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    Detailed manual massage included
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    much practice
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    Possibility of entering in neckattack® as franchisees
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    high quality Massage Equipment for Practicing
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    Discounts when purchasing Massage Equipment
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    Issuing certificates
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    satisfied participants

Next Training Date: August 2018

Q & A

No, no experience is necessary. Our massage seminar is aimed at anyone who wants to learn mobile massage on the massage chair to then offer this professional to your customers. Budding Wellness masseurs who play with the idea to make a living in the massage area, or a trained state masseurs who want to jump on the mobile massage trend are invited.

Also no, but almost. Well taught knowledge and good practical explanation does not make a good massage therapist. This requires some practice. However, after the Semniar you have the best conditions to advance with a little motivation and diligence to a luminary in the mobile massage.

This is quite different. Our spa therapists however, are most like come to us between 25 and 45 years old, motivated, friendly and reliable. These are among other key criteria for successful masseurs or masseuses – at least for us.

You have the option to start with neckattack as a freelancer or franchisees (successfully completed their training course) after the massage seminar. We, as a company neckattack be, then you are trying to convey customer orders, or to assist you as a franchisee with flyers, business cards, a professional web presence and a marketing strategy, as well as a sales strategy.

Timeline of the training



Welcome: Introduction, overview, introductions


Presentation Company neckattack®: Germany-wide mobile massage team, founded in 2004, over 350 freelancers, references such as Alcatel, Bayer, Novartis, Porsche, Coca-Cola and many advertising and promotional agencies, staff presentation, handout, Seminar Manual, DVD with massage techniques


practice / theory / anatomy: shoulder girdle, spine, iliac crest, deep muscle / superficial back muscles, Deltoidus, rotator cuff, etc.




Effects of Massage (physically and mentally), What are tensions? contraindications distinction Wellness Massage of medical massage


practice massage techniques: Selective techniques, scale techniques, pressure adjustment, freedom from pain.




practice massage strokes: HWS / BWS / LWS, folding handle, T-handle, friction, tapping, stroking, drum massage, acupressure points


ways to self-employment, opportunities for neckAttack, invoice form, self-promotion, franchise concept, communication with the office neckAttack


behavior towards customers: RPG, Declaration No-Gos, sales information / selling points




attestation, after closing time


Practice Day

The second day is fully under the sign of the exercise: We practice what we have learned on the first day, so that participants can apply what they have learned immediately.

Dates and prices

Find neckattack© Massage Seminars every 2 months at our offices in Stuttgart.

Next Appointment: Saturday 20/21 february 2016
*The number of participants is limited to 12.

The price of the compact formation, complete with certificate, massage manual and video material is € 295, – including 19% VAT

The trainer

Your trainer in neckattack®-training is Dr. Eva-Maria Falkenberg, physiotherapist with many years of professional experience and in-depth massage knowledge. Eva performs with her motivating Art tired participants to peak performance. 🙂