World Day for Safety and Health at Work: April 28.4.2016, XNUMX

(c) Arbeitsschutz-portal.deSince 1984, the day of action for safety and health at work has taken place worldwide on April 28th, during which the organizer, the International Labor Organization (ILO), would like to draw attention to the fact that an estimated 6000 people worldwide die every day from accidents or illnesses. that resulted from their work. The ILO is committed to the development and implementation of international occupational safety standards and is a specialized agency of the UN.

Day of action for safe jobs

As every year, campaigns on April 28.4.2016, XNUMX are intended to draw attention to the fact that occupational safety only plays a subordinate role, especially in developing and emerging countries, and that serious accidents at work, for example when handling dangerous chemicals, are almost the order of the day. The aim of the day of action is to develop awareness of this problem with the aim of ensuring greater work safety worldwide. In the course of the relocation of production facilities to low-wage countries, this problem is increasingly affecting companies in industrialized countries, which, with their knowledge, might be able to remedy these abuses on site through their actions.

Creation of a better working atmosphere

occupational safetyBut even in Germany, not enough has been done to ensure safety at work, so that the day of action is intended to raise awareness of this too. This also includes the creation of a more pleasant working environment in order to prevent mental illness. One idea for promoting a better working atmosphere is, for example mobile massage as a regular offer as part of company health care.

Motto 2016: "Stress in the workplace"

Psychological stressEvery year the World Day for Safety and Health at Work has a new theme. In 2016 it is “stress at work”. A topic that particularly affects employees in industrialized countries and for which employers are to be sensitized through the day of action. With a mobile massage in the company or office as well as at trade fairs, conferences and other events, neckattack is an opportunity that employers can use to relax and reduce stress in the workplace.

Lead by example

at work:Every year, in a Europe-wide competition, good practical examples are presented of how more work safety and health can be ensured in everyday work. Employers can submit their ideas and implemented strategies to the commission and have the opportunity to have their company recognized at an award ceremony on the day of the campaign of the following year. The motto of the 2016/2017 campaign is: Healthy workplaces - for all ages ”.

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