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Wellness massage Frankfurt

Wellness massage Frankfurt am Main-300Frankfurt am Main is a city that has a lot to offer. Excellent work and study opportunities and a vibrant cultural life keep the city dweller active. Sometimes, however, you just want to enjoy relaxation and the  Completely exclude everyday stress for short moments . A wellness massage can also be beneficial for body and mind.

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This is how the Frankfurt Wellness Massage works

A wellness massage ensures an increased feeling of well-being and is ideally suited to Relieve tension. Fluid from the tissue is channeled through the blood and lymphatic drainage tracts so that pain-causing substances can be removed from the body. Furthermore endorphins are releasedalso known as happiness hormones.

 Therefore, you feel relaxed and pain-free after a massage . Wellness massages can help alleviate pain in the back and neck area in particular. You are about it excellent for reducing stress and contribute to an inner balance.

Benefits of wellness massages:

  • pain relief
  • Reduce stress
  • Physical and mental well-being is promoted
  • Blood circulation is improved
  • Pollutants can be removed from the tissue

Disadvantages of wellness massages:

  • Wellness massages are usually not covered by health insurance.

Procedure for the type of massage

Various techniques can be used in wellness massages, the aim of which is always to provide relaxation. Massages on the massage chair are just as possible as a longer massage on the massage table. The duration of the measurement can be between 15 and 90 minutes if desired and in this way offer a little break in everyday life.

Wellness massage does not necessarily aim to improve health. Rather, it is about achieving complete relaxation so that such a massage is suitable for everyone. Hot stone technology or aromatic oils can be used to increase the relaxing effect.

Prices for the massage in Frankfurt

The wellness massage is available in Frankfurt am Main at different prices, depending on the duration of the massage and the performance. A massage for a single person is available from 14,65 euros. In addition, different packages are available for offices and events, where several people can benefit from a massage. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Massages as a mobile service in Frankfurt

The way to a massage studio is simply too cumbersome for many people. However, using a mobile service is particularly convenient. You can get massages at home on the massage table enjoy, or be massaged on a massage chair in the office or at an event, or experience the soothing hot stone technique.

It is interesting for employers to offer an office massage as an additional bonus and motivation for employees. At the fair, customers can be given a special treat with a mobile massage service - theirs Effect guaranteed not to be missed.

Advantages of mobile massage:

  • Possible in the office or at events
  • Can be enjoyed in the privacy of your home
  •  No loss of time by traveling to the massage studio
  • Regardless of opening times

Disadvantages of mobile massage service

  • There is no relaxing atmosphere in the wellness studio


The range of mobile massage services is extensive and can be used for both private and business purposes. Further information can be found on our website, where you can book an appointment directly from Monday to Sunday from 2021.

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