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Wellness massage Cologne

Wellness massage Cologne-man-darkThe famous carnival city of Cologne is cosmopolitan, colorful and flashy - to keep up, you have to have a lot on your box. The daily race against time, a high workload and the daily madness with the family hardly leave any time for rest and relaxation. If you too Leave the stress of everyday life behind and want to enjoy a little break, massages could be just the thing for you, especially in 2021.

Effect of a wellness massage

A wellness massage is primarily about relaxing the mind and body. In contrast to medical massage therapy, this is a special one Atmosphere of rest and relaxation created.

Stress in everyday life often creates tension, which can be relieved by a massage. However, medical massage is necessary for illness-related pain. The medical massage may only be performed by specially trained masseurs or physiotherapists.

A wellness massage, on the other hand, mainly brings about deep relaxation for body and mind, as well as reducing stress. Massages of this kind not only offer pleasant minutes of rest, but also new life energy and strength.

Who is the wellness massage in Cologne suitable for?

In principle, healthy people can relax safely with a wellness massage, because for them it is not about healing pain, but about relaxation and relieving tense body parts.

In general, caution should be exercised in the case of health restrictions such as circulatory disorders, heart diseases, diseases of the lymphatic system and pregnancy. Please speak to your doctor before a massage treatment and also inform your masseur - so nothing stands in the way of a relaxing spa experience for body and mind.

Process of the wellness massage

There is no general procedure for wellness massage, as there are many different types of it. However, it is particularly characterized by the fact that the massage guest is massaged in a pleasant, harmonious environment and thus finds peace and relaxation. A nice ambience creates a soothing spa atmosphere.

Typically, elements such as fragrant oil, pleasant lighting and relaxing music are used in such massages. Just forget about the clock and enjoy soothing minutes for new life energy.

Massage and prices in Cologne Ehrenfeld

One of the best options for a wellness experience in Cologne is the MyWellness, the Neptunbad and the La Candy Day Spa in the trendy Ehrenfeld district. Treat yourself to a relaxing day at the spa and enjoy the extensive range on offer.

Relax in a stylish ambience, enjoy the soothing and stress-reducing massage treatments of your choice - and treat your body and mind to pleasant minutes of rest. How about a card for the whole day for exclusive relaxation without time pressure?

Prices vary depending on the provider and the desired service.

Mobile massages in Cologne

Have you ever wanted to integrate wellness and spa into your everyday life, but rejected the idea because you didn't have the time? City dwellers in Cologne are exposed to stress and hectic rush, which makes relaxation for body and mind all the more important for them.

Mobile massages are a real alternative: Mobile masseurs come to a location of your choice, so that you do not have to spend time in a massage studio or spa. You make an individual appointment and can treat yourself to the well-deserved minutes of relaxation.

Mobile massages are also booked by companies for offices, trade fairs and events. Satisfied employees as well as an unforgettable trade fair and event visit are guaranteed.


Cologne is the ideal city to forget stress and relax. Enjoy a day full of rest and relaxation with a soothing and stress-reducing massage in Cologne Ehrenfeld. If you don't have the time, you don't even have to make your own journey - the massage simply comes to you.

Mobile masseurs are available around the clock and look forward to giving you valuable minutes of relaxation and rest.

For over 15 years, neckattack has offered mobile wellness massages and many more. Trust our many years of experience and our professional team. Make an appointment on our website using the contact form, an email to hello@neckattack.net or call us at 0800 3 380 380

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