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Wellness massage Hanover

Hanover - probably the greenest city in Germany not only impresses with numerous Recreational opportunitiesthat invite you to dream and linger, but also with the dynamic flair of a big city that doesn't feel like one at all.

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Thus, Lower Saxony's capital is the ideal place to treat yourself to rest and relaxation from everyday life - Hanover is at the forefront, especially when it comes to soothing massages . If you, too, simply want to leave everyday worries behind and enjoy a little break, a wellness massage is definitely the right thing for you.

How the wellness massage works

A wellness massage focuses on relaxing body and mind. In contrast to medical therapeutic massage, this is special  Great emphasis was placed on an atmosphere of calm and harmony , where you can just relax and let yourself be pampered. Wellness massages are ideal for relieving stress and tension in the body after a strenuous day in the office and for supplying the exhausted mind with new life energy.

In the case of illness-related pain in the body, however, the wellness massage is not effective enough, which is why a medical massage has to be avoided in these cases.

For whom the wellness massage is suitable

In principle, healthy customers can enjoy a wellness massage completely risk-free. However, if you have physical restrictions such as circulatory disorders, heart disease and diseases of the lymphatic system, or if you are pregnant, please always talk to your doctor first. So nothing stands in the way of your relaxed wellness experience for body and soul.

How does a wellness massage in Hanover work?

It is particularly characteristic of wellness massages that the customers are massaged in a calm, harmonious and relaxed atmosphere. So you can relax and calm down as much as possible.

Important elements of a wellness massage are also wonderfully scented aromatic oils, pleasant lighting and relaxation music. A particularly popular choice among wellness massages is the classic full-body massage, in which the body is massaged with lots of oil and the skin is nourished so that all the senses are relaxed.

Wellness massages as a mobile service

Would you like to enjoy relaxation and wellness without any effort, because you often don't have the time for it in everyday life? No problem, your solution is: Mobile wellness massages!

Your masseur is available wherever he is needed. This eliminates the time-consuming journey to the massage studio for you. Lean back and enjoy your very own personal oasis of relaxation.

Wellness massage in Hanover - top 3 addresses

These three addresses in Hanover offer you pure relaxation and wellness. Whether alone or with two people - let your mind wander and pamper yourself again.

VitalOase Beauty & Wellness

The Vital oasis you can experience soothing massages from distant countries and enjoy wellness in a harmonious and appealing ambience. The ideal place in Hanover and Laatzen to treat yourself to time alone or as a couple and to make your loved ones happy with a wellness voucher.

Opening hours: Mo-Fr 10: 00-20: 00, Sa 10: 00-21: 00, Su 10: 00-18: 00 // Location: Hanover and Laatzen // Tel. VitalOase Hannover: (0511) 45 94 94 77 // Tel. Vital Oasis Laatzen: (0511) 89 71 44 44

BeVital Wellness & Massages

Leave everyday worries behind and lean back and relax - in the BeVital your satisfaction is the greatest good. Choose your desired wellness massage and immerse yourself in a world full of harmony and well-being. If you also want to give others a little break, you are guaranteed to be correct with a voucher for the BeVital.

Neck attack

Has been with. For over 15 years neck attack mobile wellness massages and other mobile massage offers. Trust our many years of experience and find your perfect, tailored massage in Hanover on our website.

Please contact us, if you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, we are at your disposal at any time. We look forward to you!


In Hanover, moments of wellbeing and relaxation are guaranteed, especially with the wellness massage, during which you can finally find your inner center again. Treat yourself to a break alone or as a couple or give your loved ones a special voucher.

After a wellness massage you will leave with new strength and vital energy  completely relaxed through the day . Do something good for yourself again!

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