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Wellness massage Hamburg

How can wellness make the neck cheer again?

Classic office life is omnipresent in the economic metropolis of Hamburg. Wellness in Hamburg is that central issue for many office workers who complain of back and neck problems. Wellness in Hamburg in the form of beauty or Thai massages is popular. The people of Hamburg have already adopted this form of relaxation.

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Increased well-being through wellness in Hamburg

A wellness application has no medical implications, it does not want to have a healing effect. The wellness massage is about physical relaxation and recovery. The Thai massage, for example, can have a very positive effect on blood circulation and is also involved in improving metabolic function.


The advantages are apparent.  Relief in problem areas such as the back and neck is the effect that people caught up in the office look for in wellness massage. The Increase in your own well-being is another welcome mode of action. In Hamburg there are always opportunities to book a wellness or Thai massage session. Going to the spa is one way, but Hamburg also has a variety of mobile content on offer.


But of course wellness massage in Hamburg also has its disadvantages and problems. It does not have a medicinal effect, on the contrary, it must not be used curatively at all. Therapists who have dedicated themselves to wellness massage are not able to carry out medical treatments at all. This requires medical training with a lot of experience. If someone comes to a wellness application with pain, therapy cannot actually be continued, as there is already a clear medical indication. Only "healthy" people are allowed to benefit from the wellness or Thai application. Of course, this also applies to Hamburg.

The process of the wellness or Thai massage in the spa

The wellness massage should trigger relaxation in the body for the day. To do this, of course, it has to reach the body in all important points, especially where it is present. The wellness masseur is trained to first relax a stressed person with light stroking movements. The negative energy is removed from the body on the arms and legs. The neuralgic points of the upper arms, neck and back are then tackled more intensively and worked with firmer massage grips. It is important for the client to accept the masseur and open up to a suitable massage.

Overview of the process:

  • Preparation in conversation
  • Deleting introduction
  • Fixed massage grips for muscle relaxation
  • Cool down

The promotion of the blood circulation is a central goal of the wellness massage or a hot stone treatment. But it is precisely this element that can result in the person being massaged perceiving the massage as exhausting and not being able to enjoy it at all. It is therefore important to rest half an hour after the massage. Only then can the wellness massage fully develop with all of its effects.

The prices for wellness massages Hamburg

Wellness massages Hamburg are usually billed at hourly rates in two categories. A 60-minute massage in Hamburg usually costs between 60 and 80 euros. If you book with two people, partner massages can be set between 120 and 150 EUR.


  • Single price: 60 minutes at 79 EUR
  • Price for couples: 60 minutes at 150 EUR
  • Special services on request

Mobility is the key

For the wellness massage, it is important that in the moments in which discomfort arises, it is counteracted immediately, because unnecessary pain phases should be avoided. Therefore, a mobile service in Hamburg, which can start directly in the office or at home, is also ideal. In this way, you can continuously work against muscle tension and achieve recovery.

The undisputed advantage for mobile massage Hamburg It goes without saying that, in principle, a massage unit can be inserted into everyday life at any time. It can be installed in a variety of ways in the workplace. The lunch break is already enough. For wellness in Hamburg, it doesn't always have to be a trip to the spa.

But of course mobility also has a disadvantage. In most cases it cannot create a special atmosphere that the wellness masseur can create at will in his own practice. Immersion in another world is usually not possible while on the move.

Health attacks on the neck with wellness or Thai massage

With in-depth wellness massages for the neck and shoulders, wellness masseurs try to counteract our everyday illnesses and pains. The main thing is to bring about rapid relief in the relevant spots, while the entire body is placed in a state of greater well-being.

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