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Anyone who loves Leipzig is in good company - because the up-and-coming metropolis in Saxony has its finger on the pulse and has a lot to offer: especially young, creative and determined people are almost magically attracted from everywhere. But despite the rapidly growing population, the city looks tranquil, yes, almost idyllic and cozy. When it comes to culture and history, the big city is at the forefront.

Leipzig is a place for real doers and visionaries. But if you really do it and think the world big, you need it   Balance and relaxation in everyday life  . No problem, because the people of Leipzig know exactly what their city has to offer in terms of relaxation: wellness holidays in the hotel, exclusive moments of well-being with beauty treatments in the spa or soothing massages. Everyone will find something here.

How does wellness in Leipzig affect your life?

Luxurious spa facilities, massages, exclusive beauty treatments and deep relaxation for body and soul - that is probably the symbol of wellness that many people first have in mind. That's true, too, but that alone would be far too short-sighted. Wellness is a way of life that is about Self-awareness, a positive mindset, healthy eating and fitness goes.

Taking a break from everyday life and escaping stress is an important strategy for staying mentally and physically healthy. Wellness helps to relax body and mind and to do something good for your health. An exclusive spa ambience helps you forget your worries and enjoy relaxing hours of peace.

Massages of different types and durations help to loosen up the tense muscles and find your way back to your inner center. Well-sounding relaxation music, wonderfully fragrant aromatic oils and warm lighting inspire your senses and invite you to let yourself be pampered. A visit to the sauna warms your tense body and helps break down metabolic products faster and more efficiently.

Most spa facilities have on-site restaurants where you can enjoy great healthy food and vitamin-rich, refreshing drinks.

For whom is wellness & spa in Leipzig suitable?

Wellness and spa is ideal for all those interested in health and those who are exhausted from everyday life and who are urgently looking for minutes of deep relaxation. The holistic health concept is not only aimed at people with a high workload, but also at those who already have health problems and new life energy the Schöpf want.

Because of the different applications, it is advisable to consult a doctor in advance. Particular caution applies to circulatory disorders, diseases of the lymphatic system, circulatory problems and pregnancy.

The main types of wellness

As different as the types of wellness are, the range on offer is just as numerous. The last few years have shown that more and more wellness providers have come onto the market who specialize in different areas. And also in Leipzig, the beautiful city in Saxony, the offer is diverse, so that it is possible for everyone to relax in the way they want. You will find the best types of wellness in our list below:


Massages are arguably the world's most popular method to get some relaxing minutes. The focus is on feeling good and relaxing. But also to loosen tension, lower blood pressure, Reduce stress and relieve pain is a reason for many to book a massage.

There is no such thing as a “” wellness massage - rather numerous types of massage are summarized under the term. The most popular wellness massages are: Thai massage, foot reflexology massage, Ayuverda massage, head and face massage and the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage. Of course, there are many other massages that make it possible for everyone to enjoy rest and relaxation according to their needs.

Mobile massage

With a mobile massage, most types of massage are also offered on site without the customer having to visit a spa. Mobile massages are offered in the office, at trade fairs and events, weddings and of course at home. Benefit from this unbeatable offer, because "too little time for wellness" is a thing of the past.

Water treatments & baths

This type of wellness is a special treat among wellness treatments. Here you can relax in thermal baths with different temperatures or listen to well-sounding relaxation music underwater while you relax weightlessly in the pool. But mud baths also offer your skin exclusive care to make it shine again.


Do you also like to take a sauna? A sauna is a particularly effective way of relieving tension and stimulating blood circulation. There is a colorful variety of saunas that are sure to meet every taste - including the Finnish sauna, the Russian banya, the oriental hammam, the bio sauna and many, many more. Which sauna is your favorite?

Beauty wellness

Beauty wellness offers everything that beautifies people and simply makes them happy. Manicures, pedicures, body scrubs, face masks and anti-aging programs for the skin are popular. Beauty wellness offers your skin not only natural ingredients but also completely new, revolutionary technologies in the field of cosmetics.

Medical wellness

Your health is the focus of medical wellness. In a certified health hotel, your quality of life is promoted and improved. Vitamin-rich, tasty dishes and exercise are on the daily schedule. Medical specialists are actively at your side so that you can establish a health-conscious lifestyle in the long term.

Wellness vacation in the hotel

With a wellness holiday in the hotel you can relax completely for several days. In the hotel, many offers from the wellness spectrum are concentrated in just one place. Relax in the infinity pool, let yourself be beautified with a cosmetic treatment, warm up your tense muscles in various saunas or have active wellness days with fitness and yoga.

Have a new wellness experience and experience deeply relaxed days alone or together with your partner. Tip: After a hot sauna, jump into the pool to cool off or enjoy soothing minutes of relaxation afterwards with a deeply relaxing massage for two.

The 3 best providers for wellness & spa in Leipzig

How about if you rediscover your love and experience relaxing minutes with a couples massage or indulge yourself in a wellness holiday in the hotel? These 3 top contact points in Leipzig and the region offer you relaxing Moments of the extra class and pure wellness. Let yourself be pampered!

Steigenberger Grandhotel Handelhof Leipzig

A luxurious wellness area and moments of pure wellbeing await you in this Leipzig spa & wellness hotel. Two separate work-out areas support you and your partner optimally in your fitness. The Spa World Premium turns your stay into an exclusive experience with a steam bath, sauna, cosmetic treatments and various wellness massages. Here the guests of the hotel are lovingly welcomed by the hotel team so that they can forget their everyday worries.

Good to know: That Steigenberger Grandhotel Handelshof has received a 4.5 star rating on Tripadvisor.

Vita Summer Leipzig

Massage and wellness as well as cosmetics await you here. The Vita Somnium has a wide range of offers that you can choose from according to your needs. Treat your skin to a soothing anti-aging application and shine with the sun again! This wellness oasis in Leipzig offers you numerous offers for a relaxing massage and a great wellness program.

The Vita Somnium Team will be happy to advise you on your wishes and provide you with moments of well-being for body and soul.

Neckattack as a mobile provider

Let yourself be pampered by the mobile masseurs from neckattack. Neckattack's masseurs have over 15 years of experience, can be booked anywhere in Germany at any time and will also come straight to you in Leipzig. Choose from various wellness massages and look forward to numerous offers that are exactly tailored to your personal needs are.

Do not wait any longer for your well-deserved wellness experience and book your personal masseur neck attack. You can find all offers on our website.

Wellness & Spa in Leipzig as a mobile service

Are you longing for relaxation, but hardly able to do so in the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Here is the solution: Mobile masseurs in Leipzig come to the place where they are needed, so that you do not have to travel to the spa.

This means that you don't have to wait or have an uncomfortable journey home after the soothing spa treatments. You can continue to relax at home undisturbed and simply Let your mind wander. Do not wait any longer for your well-deserved rest and treat yourself to small wellness oases and new life energy despite stressful days.

But hotels with a small spa & wellness area also use the opportunity to book mobile masseurs so that they can make even more offers available to their guests. So it is possible for the guests to book individual appointments and enjoy a soothing massage after a warming sauna.

Wellness in Leipzig and the year 2021

Unfortunately, many hotels and day spa facilities had to close in 2021 due to the pandemic. This is regrettable for the exhausted people as well as for the facilities and mobile masseurs who have made it their goal to provide their customers with exclusive moments of wellbeing.

But there is good news: you can still purchase a voucher and get in Looking forward to nice minutes of relaxation to weigh. But also as a gift for your partner, as well as all other people who are close to your heart, the wellness voucher is a perfect choice, especially in these times - we promise!

Wellness in Leipzig - a conclusion

With Leipzig, the wonderful region of Saxony offers a stronghold of exclusive wellness offers. Enjoy relaxing days on a wellness holiday in the hotel and feel weightless in the pool after a warm sauna session. Close your eyes with a soothing massage and immerse yourself in one   World of complete relaxation  .

If you want to emphasize your beauty and feel good again, many natural and innovative cosmetic treatments are possible in Leipzig to make you really shine again. But even a few days in a health hotel in Leipzig or the Saxony region can be good for you to recharge your batteries and start again with new life energy.

If you don't have time to visit the spa, mobile wellness massages are the right choice. Mobile masseurs simply come to you in Leipzig. Leipzig will also offer a perfect mix of all types of wellness in 2021. Just take a look at our top addresses and enjoy your well-deserved break.

If you want to give your loved ones a special treat in the turbulent year 2021, a wellness voucher is the right choice. Because even if the facilities in Saxony currently had to close and mobile masseurs cannot offer their offers for the time being, a voucher for the time "after" is the best thing to cover the stressful months and the To leave everyday worries behind.

There is something suitable for everyone in Leipzig. Try it out right now!

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