Last minute Christmas gifts all about massage

Christmas neckattack

Christmas neckattackWe wish MERRY AND RELAXED CHRISTMAS and join the German comedian Karl Valentin, who said: "When the quiet days are over, it will be a little quieter again".

For many of us, the pre-Christmas season is anything but leisurely, contemplative and relaxing. At work, the last tasks have to be completed before the turn of the year, at home Christmas mail, Christmas gifts and roast goose are just waiting to be ticked off on a never-ending “to do list”. We rush from Christmas party to Advent cafe and on to the Christmas market and are often only at home to sleep there. Looking forward to Christmas in a relaxed manner? Hardly anyone can do it!

Christmas massage

Christmas neckattackIf you want to prevent the stress, hustle and bustle and rush in Advent, you can do it now! A list of Christmas gifts can also be created in the first half of the year and not just on December 23, last minute, the Christmas goose can be ordered in autumn, the gifts can be bought in November and the Christmas cards can be labeled even during the summer vacation! For example, there is even a template for an Excel spreadsheet into which Christmas presents can be entered! Download Excel table And then there is time for relaxation in December, for example for a Christmas massage!

Create a Christmas atmosphere

Who runs a massage practice or mobile massage offers its customers special Christmas and winter specials that are only available in the winter months or the pre-Christmas period. It makes sense to also offer massages that are not available in the other seasons so that customers can look forward to them, for example one Aromatic candle massage to enjoy when it storms outside and maybe snows. The masseur should create the right ambience for this. Christmas music for relaxation, Christmas fragrance compositions essential oils, Candles and some Christmas decorations. Please no "everyday doodles", but relaxing music with a Christmas touch!

Here, for example, there is a compilation of relaxing "Christmas Spa Music", which is not only suitable as background music for a massage:

Last minute gifts all about massage

Who to this day still not Christmas ready for his loved ones, you might find an idea among our tips that can still be implemented in the few hours before the shop closes!Christmas neckattack

Is it really too late, all shops are closed and you still haven't got the right present? Don't worry, a CD can also be put together on the PC and given a personal cover. The massage voucher is better if it is written by hand and a massage oil can also be mixed with a little essential oil from high-quality cooking oils from the kitchen cupboard. Simply fill it into a beautiful bottle (pour it from the old glass or schnapps etc.), label it nicely - done!

Whatever is under the tree tonight: Christmas is best celebrated relaxed! HAPPY HOLIDAY!

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