What is mobile massage?

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Mobile massage

Mobile massage is a service in which the masseur comes to the customer and not the other way around. This can be a medical massage or a wellness massage. There are many advantages for the customer:

  • No searching for a parking space
  • Massage also in case of illness / bed rest
  • Time savings for the customer
  • No fixed and regulated opening times
  • No waiting
  • No travel for the customer

Everyone knows stationary massage from medical massage practice, the wellness area of ​​hotels or what is offered on beauty farms. But what exactly is mobile massage? Which types of massage are offered to me, where does mobile massage take place and which possibilities arise from the advantages of mobile massage? And what are the disadvantages of mobile massage?

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mobile neck massageTypes of mobile massage

It is clear that with mobile massage or also "Massage at home“Not all types of massage are offered https://neckattack.net/massage-zu-hause/können/. Medical massage with or without a doctor's prescription or wellness massages: the spectrum of possible types of massage is wide. Only types of massage and therapies that require heavy equipment or equipment that is difficult to transport are unfavorable in mobile massage. The mobile masseur can offer partial body massages in particular with a mobile massage table or a special massage chair. If the mobile massage takes place in public, only massages that are effective over clothing and that do not use massage oil are possible. Massage of the neck and upper back is particularly popular at events and in the office. If the mobile massage takes place at home or in a hotel, the mobile masseur and customers have more applications to choose from, since a shower is available, for example.

mobile massage at homeWhere does mobile massage take place?

The advantage of this type of massage is that it can take place anywhere. Whether at trade fairs, events, conferences, in the office or hotel room, at your home or at a celebration, party, wedding or other event - the mobile masseur comes where he is needed. Especially in the occupational health care is the Office massage or massage very popular at work. Mobile masseurs work very flexibly in terms of work location and time. If the massage practice has already closed when you come home from work, a mobile masseur is one way of enjoying a soothing wellness massage or healing medical massage after work. The massage practice comes to you, not the other way around. The customer and the mobile masseur make their appointments independent of opening times, rooms and other regulatory restrictions. And isn't it nice to sink into the sofa at home after the massage and continue to relax there, without losing the relaxation effect in the traffic chaos?


What is mobile massage suitable for?

Mobile massage is ideal for

  • Trade fairs, exhibitions, events
  • Meetings, congresses
  • Sporting events
  • Celebrations such as weddings, family celebrations, anniversaries
  • Private events such as wellness evenings, hen parties, girls' evenings
  • Massage vouchers for wedding day, birthday, anniversary
  • Relaxation at home, in the hotel or at work
  • Retirement home, hospital, nursing ward
  • Occupational health care

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Effects of massage

Anyone who thinks about the next massage appointment usually thinks about it with comfort and anticipation. This is due to the fact that after the massage there is always a cozy warm feeling and you just feel better all around than before the massage. But why is it like that? What does a massage do? First and foremost, the massage is an absolute break. During this time, you cannot have a quick conversation with business partners or have a snack. During this time, you concentrate exclusively on yourself. And that alone is particularly good for body and soul. On the other hand, the massage also has a physiological effect. Many people today work at a computer workstation. This leads to a lack of exercise and one-sided stress. The shoulder and back are particularly stressed and quickly cause problems. But even hard-working people often have difficulties. Healthcare workers in particular often have to lift or move heavy loads. Back problems are inevitable. A massage can work wonders here. Muscle groups that are stressed on one side are loosened and thus optimally prepared for the next use. A consistent massage on the individual problem areas can contribute to long-term improvement of the entire physiology. But not only that you take care of your own body, it is also your soul that benefits from the massage. The unconditional concentration on yourself, the safe and targeted movements of the masseur and the soothing warmth that spreads through the body during the massage are balm for the soul and make all the pressure of everyday life disappear for a moment. With so many positive effects of massage, it's clear that everyone should indulge in a massage regularly.

  • well-being
  • Improvement of the entire physiology
  • preventive health effect
  • Balm for the soul
  • Increase in concentration and motivation among employees

Psychological and physiological effects - health, concentration and motivation are improved

mobile massage prices

Mobile massage prices

Usually almost all masseurs follow the rule of 1 euro per minute. This rule also applies to mobile masseurs. In addition, there may be costs for the journey, which on the one hand reflect the additional time for the masseur and on the other hand, of course, direct costs such as fuel or parking keg fees. In most cases, however, a price including all costs is given. The additional costs that the mobile masseur may have compared to the practice and may be passed on. So it is essential to clarify beforehand, preferably in writing, which additional costs may be incurred (this is the way to the neckattack Massage prices)

  • extra time
  • Fuel and wear and tear on your own car
  • Setup and dismantling, the massage bench or the massage chair
  • Transport of the required consumables, such as disinfection spar, oil, towels, etc.
  • additional insurance of the masseur for outside work

Book a massage

In order to book a massage, a phone is usually enough. Most providers, however, prefer booking online. This can be done either using a form or a special booking mask. For Massage at work Offers are often sent in advance by email, especially when massages are planned for more employees over several days. Here you can then decide in peace which provider provides the better quality. Write us a short email, we will be happy to advise you: hello@neckattack.net Of course, you are also welcome to call our free number:

0800 3 380 380

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