Insider tip for Stuttgart residents!

The grain of rice

The sun is coming. With it warmer temperatures and with them comes the time of year when we are outside again outside mobile massage can and would like to offer.

Friends of the "Palace of the Republic" or the "Precious“Will get their money's worth here. in the "Le Theater" for example we are not to be found as often as in the last few months. There are particularly beautiful and appealing locations for every season. Not only for the guests, but also for us. However, there are also those insider tips that represent a very special and exotic experience in every season. Our very special insider tip is mentioned here:

The "Grain of rice"Grain of rice

The "Reiskorn" is very close to the Stadtmitte S-Bahn station, very centrally located in downtown Stuttgart. The small restaurant may seem inconspicuous at first glance, but on closer inspection it promises a cozy and pleasant ambience and exceptional culinary enjoyment. Meat, fish and a large selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes are served here. Vegetarian, vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free are marked on the menu and there are seasonal dishes that are sometimes more That looks good!and sometimes appear less exotic.

Surrounded by pleasant music, it offers the perfect conditions to enjoy a relaxed evening, which you can enjoy there both as a couple and in a slightly larger group. But be careful if you decide to visit this small restaurant on the weekend without a reservation. The good reputation of the kitchen has recently been known among Stuttgarters.

After dinner or before dessert, there is still enough time to sweeten the evening with a little massage.

What is special about this restaurant, however, is that it also has a small, very charming backyard that is used as soon as the temperatures allow it. This backyard is just cozy and quiet during the day. In the evening, the holiday flair creates a very special romance and of course you are cordially invited to be massaged by a lady or a gentleman from our team, if you wish.

Romance in the backyard

We from Neck attack In any case, come to the "Reiskorn" at any time of the year and at any opportunity and would be delighted to see you there once and give your evening there that extra special touch.

Popular at Easter

If you are lucky and meet us in one of our locations this week, then it may well be that you may unexpectedly enjoy a free massage! Our Easter present for you?

The 10th massage in the evening is given away. We don't yet know where and when that is, but otherwise it would be boring. And we certainly do not count aloud so that everyone can calculate when they want to use our services, no, you have to be surprised!

Precious Stuttgart

Your chances are certainly multiplied when you are out and about in our favorite locations.

The Precious and Ribingurumu or the Enchilada are certainly destinations that we will be heading for on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening.


In addition, our team has grown again. Katharina and Maike are on the road in the team this week, Friday is the first evening for Maike and we wish her a great evening and nice first experiences!

If someone still wishes neck attack should come over to the company for one Office massageThat should be said: just suggest it to your boss.

Pure relaxationWe are regularly on the go regionally and nationally and give massages in companies, at events, trade fairs, etc.
For example, we are happy to come directly to the office with specially developed massage chairs and massage the employees for 10-20 minutes as required. This form of prevention is recognized by the state and this is one of the reasons why companies enjoy tax benefits in terms of prevention in relation to wellness and massages for their employees.

It doesn't cost anything to ask and maybe we'll be with you soon to sweeten your day-to-day work and loosen up your tense muscles.

If that doesn't work out then maybe we'll see each other this week.

With relaxation in the Stuttgart Christmas season

Team Massage Stuttgart has been massaging hard for you again. As the cold season is just around the corner, we enjoyed our last massages in the open air and say goodbye to the sandy beach bar of the "Amadeus" and the beautiful outdoor area of ​​the "Kostbar" or the "Palast der Republik" for the first time. To pleasant temperatures with a cocktail and the mobile the perfect mobile massage To enjoy Neckattack in the open air, you have to be patient again.

Our winter locations

But of course we will continue to take care of your relaxation, only from now on in a different ambience! Locations like “Le Theater”, the “Besitos” or the “Ribingurumu” and of course many others now give us the framework to pamper us with more relaxing massages in a pre-Christmas atmosphere.

12334093_10208551221486622_14102013_oIn the last few weeks we were able to sweeten the evening for many people, absolute highlights were the “Muchas Gracias Party” of the “Enchiladas”. There we massaged well into the evening and into the night in a lively atmosphere and at the end we celebrated a little.

Or our first run in the "The Theatre“, Where we spent most of the evening because the demand for a little relaxation after work was so great.

Your ideas for new massage locations?

Massage StuttgartOf course we are not only out for you on weekends, we are absolutely flexible and every weekday is included in the plan. If you have suggestions for other bars or locations, feel free to let us know, just leave us a message via our Contact form, write us an email or give us a call! We always look forward to your feedback!
In the near future we will be back in town regularly and we are looking forward to familiar and many new faces, as well as some backs who are sure to be eagerly awaiting us ... Even if they may not know!
Have a relaxing Christmas time!

Massage in the Enchilada Stuttgart

The “Enchilada” in Stuttgart is without question one of our favorite destinations. It is absolutely central and can be found right next to the “Stadtmitte” S-Bahn station. No matter if summer, winter, autumn or spring, there is always something going on here! The mood is good and the workforce is looking for a match in terms of warmth! So who in passing a Massage in Stuttgart want to enjoy, best come here!

The Enchilada's bar

With its spacious and cozy ambience, the “Enchilada” not only invites you to eat, talk, drink and laugh, no, it also offers enough space for large groups of guests. Incidentally, the “Enchilada” also offers the best conditions for our team to sweeten their evening with a relaxing massage.

Every birthday, every bachelorette party becomes a real experience. We were also able to convince many initially shy guests that a massage right at their place is a wonderful opportunity to treat the stressed mind, especially the back and of course the shoulder and neck area, to some relaxation from everyday life.

Our team has been coming to the “Enchilada” for many years and is always warmly welcomed. We know and value one another. It also happens that our team often goes to FeieA single pleasure!Happy to linger there and let the evening end comfortably.

If you want a massage team for a special event, you can of course at any time directly neck attack Requests. Our team will be happy to visit you at any time to offer family, friends or colleagues a successful surprise. Otherwise just dial in to “Enchilada” on Facebook. New promotions and events are always announced there, which experience has shown to be very worthwhile. Who knows, maybe we'll be waiting for you there!

Neck attack day Stuttgart

California feeling with massage in the Bounge Stuttgart

"Bounge"? Isn't that a typo and should it be called “Lounge”? The makers of the Stuttgart-based “California Bounge” explain their word creation very simply: Bar + Lounge = Bounge! And that's how easy it is to explain the concept of the hip location in the center of Stuttgart: A good mix of a cozy lounge for relaxing and a lively bar with cocktails and a good atmosphere.

 Free massage at neckattack day Stuttgart the "neckattack day", actions are taking place in many large German cities at the same time, where you get a free massage and a free drink if you register with neckattack beforehand! All you have to do is mark our Facebook page with “I like” and confirm your participation in the “Neckattack Day Stuttgart” event via Facebook. Invite your friends over Facebook right away, then relax and celebrate together! Anyone who doesn't have Facebook can simply register here by email:

Mobile massage around Stuttgart

Neck attack day StuttgartThe Stuttgart team consists of 17 wellness masseurs, 12 masseurs and 2 physiotherapists who work around the clock for mobile massage be available. No matter where: at the trade fair or in the office as a small “energy kick” in between, at events or in the comfort of your own home. If you want to try out how well a short massage in between relaxes and invigorates, you can experience it with a free massage on neckattack day. Add a drink and the evening is perfect! If you get to the California Bounge in good time, you can certainly get hold of one of the coveted “berths”, where you can loll around in a wonderfully relaxed manner and switch off from everyday life. And then a massage ... Register now and enjoy on January 28.1.2016th, 19 from XNUMX p.m. in the California Bounge!