Tips against headaches

Acupuncture headache

AcupunctureIt doesn't always have to be a pill to get rid of a headache! The head is booming, throbbing, stabbing or just aching. Headaches are a widespread disease that often has no serious cause and can be remedied and also prevented with simple tips and tricks. Try out our tips!


So simple that we often don't even think about it: Most headaches are tension headaches caused by a lack of fluids. A large serving of calorie-free drinks such as water or herbal tea usually helps very quickly against the unpleasant pain.

Potassium & Magnesium

headacheSometimes the cause of the pain is that the electrolyte balance in your body is messed up. Many people with frequent headaches suffer from mineral deficiencies. Usually there is a lack of magnesium and potassium. An improper diet with ready-made products, fast food, frozen food, canned meals and their relatives can lead to deficiency symptoms that we do not perceive as such. Very secretly, quietly and quietly, a nutrient deficiency creeps in through our "modern" diet. Only when it is too late is the symptoms "tampered with", not the cause being changed! Potassium is a particularly important substance for you and your body because you can only get it with food and the body cannot produce it itself. There is a particularly large amount of potassium in fresh fruit and vegetables, for example melons and cucumbers.


Caffeine is also a great helper when you have a headache. If you don't like coffee, don't worry because other drinks contain caffeine too! Black, green, and white tea also contain caffeine, which used to be called teein. The longer you let the tea steep, the more caffeine is released from the leaves. A large cup of tea (at least 500ml) not only provides a caffeine kick, but also provides hydration. Because those who drink too little often suffer from headaches!

Hot shower / massage

Massage on the massage chairMany headaches result from muscle tension. An unhealthy posture at work, a tense neck from drafts or an unfavorable sleeping position can lead to headaches. Then it helps to relax the muscles. This works best with warmth and mobile massage. A long, hot shower or a relaxing full bath dissolve tense muscles and your pain into thin air! If you then massage the affected area or have it massaged during a massage, the pain usually disappears quickly.


Often headaches arise because we work in the wrong lighting conditions. Excessive exposure to sunlight can lead to headaches, as can activity with insufficient lighting. Check the lighting conditions on Workplace! With the right lighting, you can prevent the pain.


Acupuncture is particularly effective for headaches. We recommend stimulating the "Feng Fu" point. The point to be massaged against the pain is exactly between the neck and the head. If you feel the region with your fingers, you will feel a depression. The Feng Fu point is located exactly in the middle of this depression. If you are out and about and have a headache, massage this point with light but constant pressure. Repeat from time to time. Your pain should improve.

Fresh air

Often it also helps to move around in the fresh air. Tense muscles can be loosened through moderate exercise during a walk, the circulation is stimulated, the blood circulation improved and fresh, oxygen-rich air flows through your lungs. Try it!

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