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Thai massage Munich

It has been scientifically proven that a Thai massage stimulates the blood supply and significantly increases the lymph flow. The muscles are relaxed and loosened. The Hot Stone Thai massages in particular are very relaxing and a kind of spa for the body in Munich. The different stretches, especially the  Stretching the spine, thereby sustainably improving posture . Munich is a cosmopolitan city that is very much appreciated for the numerous opportunities for spa, massages and Thai massage.

Thai massage munich stretching the arm

Thai massage


The advantages of the Thai massage are, besides wellness, above all the prevention of numerous diseases. The traditional Thai massage is intended to provide significant relief by applying pressure to certain energy lines in the event of ailments such as sleep disorders, stress or diarrhea, by releasing tension.

  • Health prevention
  • Improving sleep disorders
  • Reduction of stress
  • Increase in well-being in general


90 percent of Thai massages are performed by inexperienced masseurs without training. Therefore, customers should find out where they can get a traditional Thai massage in Munich.

Thaimssage Munich Thai Temple

Course of the massage

During the Thai massage the masseur works with you Hands, knees, elbows and feet. As with a spa treatment, you can treat yourself to a good break during the massage.

Special areas of the body such as the shoulder and back are treated, Acupressure points pressed and stimulated. Some parts of the body, muscles and joints are stretched and stretched during the Thai massage.

Prices in Munich

The price of a quality Thai massage in Munich depends on the experience of the masseur, the duration of the massage and the number of zones on the body to be massaged. On average, the customer pays a mid-double-digit sum. In Thailand itself this is of course different 🙂

Mobile Thai massage

The mobile Thai massage is a relaxed type of massage. The  mobile Thai massage Munich find the customer's home , in the hotel or in the customer's office or similar. If you don't want to go to a studio or a SPA, just relax with a mobile massage service in Munich. Enjoy a pleasant wellness massage in your familiar surroundings and treat yourself to a break and let yourself go.

The mobile massage offers a wonderful possibility to let go of the stressed everyday life and to find inner harmony in the process. This service is open almost around the clock and not even closed on weekends. Regular opening times are rare and online booking is possible.


Because the masseur takes over the journey and the customer saves the trip to the massage studiocan save a lot of time. With mobile Thai massages, several people can be massaged one after the other, so that several people benefit from it.


The only disadvantage of the mobile Thai massage is that the travel costs of the masseur are included in the price. Of course, studio costs are also included in the price in studios.


During the Thai body massage, the muscles of the body use up a lot of oxygen due to the various stretching positions. This stimulates deep breathing. The energy points and the flow of Qi are the focus of traditional Thai massage.  The goal is for people to relax and take a break. 

Neckattack has also been offering mobile Thai massages without a studio for more than 15 years. To make an appointment, please either fill out our contact form or give us a call 08003 380 380 or write an email to

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