Thai Massage Cologne | Advantages and disadvantages of this massage

Thai massage Cologne

Are you stressed, powerless and exhausted?

Thai massage Cologne 300 neckattack manTraditional Thai massage, the slightly different massage from the Far East, takes your body and mind on a journey of relaxation and wellbeing. Without medical implication. In one  Combination of massage and reflex treatment, it offers the ultimate feel-good effect  in Cologne.


The positive effect lies in the alleviation of various physical ailments. Thai massages stimulate the blood circulation in the body in a beneficial way. It offers an improvement in physical mobility and naturally stimulates the metabolism. Stress is reduced. The traditional Thai massage works against symptoms that are caused by stress. And not only in the Far East, but also here in Cologne.

Release new energy and release existing blockages. With this type of massage technique you prevent discomfort and the energy flows through the body again. Massage practices where you can experience this can also be found in our cathedral city of Cologne.

  • Blood circulation is stimulated
  • Improve mobility
  • Metabolism is stimulated
  • Stress is reduced
  • works against symptoms of illness
  • releases new energy


This type of massage is not suitable for everyone as it must not be used medicinally. The Thai massage is only suitable for healthy people. Appropriate training is required for medical applications. If someone is already suffering from pain, a Thai massage is unfortunately no longer an option. In some cases, use can actually make the disease worse, including:

  • Muscle and bone injuries
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • inflammation
  • Fever and open wounds

A Thai massage must also not be used during pregnancy, as these massages also include reflex zones that are not allowed to be massaged during an existing pregnancy. The classic massage is an alternative for pregnant women.

Procedure of the Thai massage

The masseur works with full physical effort during the treatment. The ball of the hand, thumb, knees, elbows and feet stimulate the body by pressing the acupressure points. Using stretching and pressure techniques, the masseur relaxes the limbs and muscles of the person being massaged.

Sudden tension?

No problem, whether in their own four walls or in the office, their tension from massage can be a thing of the past, because with the mobile massage service, which is offered in and around Cologne, customers can order their masseur directly to the office or at home. Enjoy the benefits of this type of service. No long waiting times, no driving to the practice. We come where we are needed. You are still welcome in the salon, in compliance with the prescribed hygiene regulations, the teams of masseurs also offer their services in the practices during the opening hours, including in Cologne. Just give us a call or visit the website and book your appointment online.

Prices for Thai Massage Cologne

30 min - from € 40, -

60 min | from € 70, -

90 min | from € 90, -

120min | from € 120, -

Opening times 2021 Thai Massage "Cologne"

Monday-Sunday from 09 a.m. to 00 p.m.

as well as an appointment by appointment

No medical implication

This makes traditional Thai massage ideal as a gift in the form of a voucher. Give away joy or rejoice with your partner and enjoy this special journey for body and soul together. The massage practice team is looking forward to your call, also in Cologne and Cologne-Sülz.

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Massages at home or in the office?

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