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Thai massage in Hamburg

The traditional Thai massage is actually not a wellness or medical massage, but offers you with powerful grips  relaxation for advanced users  - in Hamburg or any other city. Hamburg has many Thai studios, but you can also simply order a Thai massage at home.


Effect of a Thai massage

At our place in Hamburg, a Thai Massage Hamburg includes that Pressing, kneading and stretching the most varied of body parts. Many people suffer from tension or pain due to stress or posture. A traditional Thai massage can easily relieve tension in the back, legs or neck.

A quiet place is required for the Thai massage. The environment should radiate a little calm so that the tension or tension is released well. Work in comparison to classic massages Thai massages very intense.

Thai or wellness massages consist of a combination of stretching exercises and a pressure massage. Through special Thai movements, more oxygen is supplied to the body. Many people automatically breathe much deeper while enjoying the Thai Massage Hamburg.

With a wellness massage  the following complaints can be alleviated :

  • inner unrest
  • Back pain
  • headache
  • dizziness
  • sleep disorders
  • tinnitus

Benefits of a Thai massage in Hamburg

If you want a few minutes' break in Hamburg, you should treat yourself to a Thai massage. By a couple  targeted stretching and stretching exercises  you will feel good right away. At the Nuad Phaen Boran Wellness Massage Hamburg, people are powerfully and dynamically brought into a yoga-like position. The client is stretched and stretched by the masseur with full physical effort.

For many private individuals, employees and customers, this method is described as very relaxing and healing. Thai massages have a tradition going back thousands of years.

In Germany there is a choice of classic or original forms of massage that have been adapted to western needs. Thai massages have the advantage that they can be performed anywhere. This gives you the option of either enjoying it privately at home or offering something very special to your employees and customers in Hamburg.

Many customers will certainly be happy that they receive a special wellness treatment in Hamburg without having to plan a visit to the wellness or Thai provider nearby. You can use the mobile service for your team for your company events in Hamburg. Thus it is possible to enjoy a wellness massage directly at the event in Hamburg.

Disadvantages of a Thai massage

People with circulatory disorders or elderly customers should be a little careful with such a Thai method. It is best to ask a doctor beforehand whether this type of wellness is also suitable for you. For Risk patients and older customers it can be dangerous if you press the main artery on the leg too hard and suddenly loosen it.

This can cause blood to clot. If the spa massage is not performed by a trained masseur, injuries can also occur. In this regard, however, you don't have to worry about a professional.

Process of our Thai massage in Hamburg

Before the wellness massage in Hamburg, it makes sense to give the body a little rest by getting involved in the massage physically and mentally. How is a Thai massage performed in Hamburg? Lots Thai exercises are performed in the prone position.

The thighs and lower legs are bent slightly backwards. The legs are alternately stretched and then pulled upwards.

Both arms are pulled back during the massage. The back is bent here. Unlike a relaxation massage, the movements are carried out much more intensively.

In most cases, the following body parts are used for massaging:

  • Kneel
  • Ball of the hand
  • elbow
  • Feet

As a result, all specific local points on the human body can be intensively pressed and massaged.

Prices in Hamburg in general

The prices for a mobile Thai massage in Hamburg depend on the scope of the desired spa or wellness massages. For an event with 12 employees in Hamburg, you can expect a price including planning tool, massage chair, mask and disinfectant of 260 euros. The traditional Thai massage is available for half a day (4 hours).

A home office Thai massage costs around 30 euros per employee for a 49-minute wellness treatment. Please contact your mobile Thai massage provider directly and look forward to an individual offer.

Traditional Thai massage as a mobile service

If you want to use a Thai massage in Hamburg as a mobile wellness service, you can save yourself a visit to the local masseur.  The masseur will come straight to your home  or in your company. With the help of a Thai massage it is possible that you experience a stronger connection with your body again.

Thanks to the Thai massage, you will learn to listen to your body better in the future. Every body has certain energy points, which are also known as Marma points. You represent a direct Connection between your body and mindt represents.

Due to the hand pressure massages, the Marma points are activated from head to toe. Thus, mental and physical complaints can be alleviated. In addition, lymph flow and blood circulation are improved. Your employees and customers can look forward to this wellness appointment.

Advantages of a mobile Thai massage

The experienced Thai masseur comes directly to the desired wellness location. Of course, in addition to a spa massage chair and disinfectant, he brings everything he needs for a Thai massage.

He will not only show you on time, but will also carry out the wellness massage as you wish. You can rely on that and look forward to it. Travel costs are already included in the prices. Compared to other spa providers, you receive an individual wellness offer that meets your requirements.

Mobile spa offers at a trade fair or a special event offer you the following advantages:

  • better image
  • find more visitors
  • satisfied team
  • a little wellness break

Disadvantages of the mobile Thai massage

By booking a mobile Thai massage in Hamburg, you have no disadvantages.


Are you interested and would you like a mobile Thai massage in Hamburg? Then you have come to the right place at neckattack. For 15 years we have been offering our customers who do not want to go to a spa a wellness massage at home.

Please contact our experienced team in Hamburg to make an appointment. Our hotline is available for direct contact Zones or the contact form available on our website. We will be happy to advise you and find an individual Thai offer for you.

You can have further information displayed on the website. If you have problems with the website, delete your cookies beforehand.

Your advantage is that our team takes care of your well-being throughout Germany. Due to the large selection of spa and Thai offers, you will also find something suitable for your team. Our service is always open for you.

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