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We come to you with our massages!

  • for offices and at home
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Massage Tokyo

Just book our mobile Massage service in the company or at your home in Tokyo. We come to every location in and around Tokyo.

Regardless of whether Full Body Massage at home or e.g. one Thai Massage - now order online and enjoy!

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Our massage service in Tokyo

mobile massage for the office

For your office massage in Tokyo, we simply come to your office and massage you at the workplace. Our masseurs massage through clothing on our special mobile massage chairs for 15 to 20 minutes.

Available in every district of Tokyo.

  • healthier employees
  • more efficient and motivated in the office
  • operational Health promotion
  • tax deductible

Massage at home

Relax right in your living room – We come to your home with our massage bench in and around Tokyo.

For this massage at home, we offer a whole range of massage types.

  • less stress
  • no arrival and departure necessary
  • No waiting times or looking for a parking space.
  • familiar cozy environment
  • no strangers

Events and fairs

You have a trade fair in Tokyo and are looking for a little wellness - no problem! We take care of your relaxation directly at the exhibition stand. For your employees we are your anti-burnout and for your guests that Customer magnet.

  • Customer magnet
  • better image
  • The wellness highlight
  • will be remembered

Why neckattack?

neckattack has been around for over 17 years now. We started in Germany, but can now be found in every major city in the world. We look after every customer personally and respond to almost all special requests.

  • 15 years experience
  • worldwide
  • young team

  • Best quality
  • highest flexibility
  • fair prices

our massage references in Tokyo and worldwide

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mobile massage Munich neckattack Logo 400

Our team massage Tokyo

For mobile massages in 2022 you will find 25 wellness masseurs, masseurs and Physiotherapists at neckattack. You can book these from morning to evening and also on weekends.

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Masseur Tokyo

Masseur Jarkob

Jarkob is a highly qualified and professional Physiotherapist with a degree in Sport Science from the University of Technology and a Bachelor of Applied Sciences (Physiotherapy) from the University of Sydney. Jarkob has lectured to physical therapists across Asia focusing on the latest developments in running injuries, cycling injuries etc. Jarkob is able to round out his professional treatment by being a Certified Running Injury Specialist from The Running Clinic and a FIST Certified Bike Fitter. He has also competed in more than 15 Ironman distance triathlons and is a certified level 1 triathlon coach. Having worked in Tokyo for several years, the patient can expect the best treatment from Jarkob.)

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sports masseur

Masseuse Sakura

Sakura is a sports and healing massage therapist based in Tokyo. Before she started working as a massage therapist in Tokyo, she provided sports massage for many professional teams. The Australian Wallabies, Waratahs and Brumbies were among their customers. Now in Tokyo, she is well known in the city's sports circles. Her background and high level of expertise in sports and remedial massage make her the perfect therapist for anyone suffering from pain at work or during leisure time. Their experience and techniques are of a high standard. Sakura combines her knowledge with good communication skills to provide the best service to the patient.

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Tokyo therapist

Masseur Misaki

Misaki, a former top-level ballet dancer, now practices as a Sports Massage Therapist and True Pilates Instructor. She holds various certifications, including a license as a True Pilates Instructor and Sports Massage Therapist. Misaki was born and raised in the US but has been living in Tokyo for a number of years. Misaki is very customer oriented and creates a personalized treatment based on clients' wants and needs. By exploring new methods and techniques, Misaki expands her knowledge of therapeutic treatments day by day. As a result, she is able to offer the latest injury treatment techniques to ensure patients' experiences are smooth and seamless from initial contact to the final appointment.

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