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Massage for offices and events | in Stuttgart for 15 years | without travel costs

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Office massage

Your employees in your Stuttgart branch will work more motivated and efficient through massages.

Mass massage

At trade fairs in Stuttgart, our masseurs are happy to act as customer magnets for you.

Event massage

Relaxed guests at every event in and around Stuttgart.

The team in Stuttgart

Our team in Stuttgart consists of 17 wellness masseurs, 12 masseurs and 2 physiotherapists, who are available from morning to evening and even at night during the week and on the weekend. Massages in bars take place from Wednesday to Saturday. Our mobile massage teams are out and about in selected bars in Stuttgart, eg in the Ciba Mato, in the Felix, in the California Bounge, etc. In the Ciba Mato z. B. our tour on Thursdays at 20.30 p.m., registration is not required. You just lean back with a delicious drink after work and wait for our mobile massage team.



Masseuse Ina

With her massages, Ina gives our customers the wonderful balance between body and soul.

Their work is based on in-depth training in the medical field Specialization training as holistic Masseuse and therapist. Ina has many years of experience and Expertise and, with her friendly and open manner, she also ensures that our customers are extremely satisfied.

"Being a masseuse is mine Calling, don't only job!"



Masseur Adem

Adem has been part of our team for many years and treats our customers in and around Stuttgart.

Thanks to his education and training, he offers a wide range of massage offers such as hot stone, aromatic oil massage and of course classic massage. In addition, Adem is a trained violence prevention and anti-bullying trainer.

"Through my applications you can forget your worries and pains."



Masseuse Johanna

After a few years in Berlin, Johanna has returned to her homeland, the Stuttgart area. As diverse as she lives, she works as a therapist and effect es With their base from the dance sector, they have set themselves the task of researching movement and holistic body health. Massage and therapeutic body work are the connection in life for them back to strength to lead and hers with hers movedn Massage work made possible they profound Healing processes and Regeneration.  

Johanna deals mainly with by gholistic, deep combination massage, for pain therapy and wellness, always integratively effective on all levels, body-soul-spiritt and individually adapted to the needs of your customers. Your massage style is rather strong and deep. 

 Johanna has received extensive training in the areas over the years Deep tissue massage, holistic wellness massage, body therapeutic work, acupressure and pain therapy Approaches, fascia work, Shiatsu, Thai Yoga Massage, Energetic Holistic Bodywork, Rebalancing, Body-Mind Coaching, Trainer Schein Deep Work and Ballet Rip, Fascial Techniques, Systemic Solution-Oriented Coaching, NLP Coaching. 





Massage therapist Souhail

Souhail is particularly active in the field of classic mobile chair massage.

The trained masseur comes to our customers in the company and ensures relaxation on the mobile massage chair or directly at the workplace.



Masseuse Alexandra

Alexandra is trained Massage practitioner for wellness and prevention and over the years has become a nutritional coach, hypno coach and trained as a Reiki master. Alexandra is very versatile and is therefore able to respond individually to each customerquestions. Every single treatment is something for them special and no costumer is like the other. 

Your specialties are, in addition to the classic face, head, neck and full body massages, the harmonization of Foot reflex zones and hot stone massages.  

Alexandra has lived in Diepho since 2018lz where they are not just the good connectionbut above all that splendid Nature enjoy. Every day is for them unique und sie enjoys it, with their work mix the do to canwhat fulfills them. 


One of our partners in Stuttgart is Milk & Honey: The SpaCenter at the gates of Stuttgart offers a wide range of relaxation massages, cosmetics and physiotherapeutic applications in a wonderful ambience. We also work with masterful exercise and coaching in the area of ​​stress management. Enjoy your very personal massage, no matter where you are: The Australian massage is particularly suitable for events, for trade fairs or in the office for a short energy boost in between. We are happy to come to your home with a classic massage. Call us or use the contact form to request a quote.

Massage office in Stuttgart

Mobile massages in the company increase performance the employees and of course the concentration and motivation. You can use our free reservation tool to help coordinate the individual office massages in Stuttgart. The journey within Stuttgart and all equipment for the massage is of course included in our prices.

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