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Mobile massage Hamburg

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Massage for offices and events | in Hamburg for 15 years | without travel costs

or call free of charge: 0800 3 380 380

Office massage

The massage in your office in Hamburg. Your Employees become happier and more productive and healthier.

Mass massage

Your Customer magnet at the fair in Hamburg. Our sympathetic masseurs will be remembered.

Event massage

Happy guests at events in and around Hamburg with massages.

Team Hamburg

Our team “mobile massage Hamburg” currently consists of 38 (wellness) masseurs, and Physiotherapists which are at your disposal from morning to evening - and even at night and on weekends.

kai massage hamburg



Masseur Kai

"I have loved my mobile relaxation massage for almost 20 years."

Kai works mainly with gentle but specific massage techniques and energy work. He offers massage in the office or at home.

In addition to the massage, Kai gives lectures and seminars in companies and in the field of meditation.



Masseur Felix

Felix's guideline is "Do your best with mindfulness, compassion and respect; and ann lass es given". 

With his 25 years of massage experience, he connects eastern (Shiatsu, Thai yoga massage) and western (wellness massage, deep tissue) Massage traditions in a really fantastic mix. This connection can be combined particularly harmoniously in his favorite type of massage: the massage on the mobile massage chair in the office or at home.

Ralph hamburger massage


PaAtMa® masseur


"A world in which people can behave in a balanced way, "being with themselves" is something I consider desirable. Solve conflicts, feel more fluid - challenges are easier to tackle. "

Ralph's contribution: ensure relaxation with the PaAtMa®YogaMassage! To do this, he travels in the Hamburg, Lower Saxony and also around the world.

The massage unfolds its beneficial effect in just 10 minutes. It can be used on the chair as well as on the lounger. Traditionally, the treatment is also carried out on the massage mat and lasts up to 120 minutes. It is suitable for all ages and also a boon for pregnant women.

“To be with the breath” is the translation for PaAtMa®. The focus is on BEING, DOING moves into the background. Hence “Pa” for passive, “AtMa” stands for breath of life, breath, soul. Breath-stimulating positional sequences from Hatha yoga are used in this massage method.

As the founder for a good thirty years, familiar with this form of massage, many thousands of massage guests have enjoyed Ralph's work in the office or at home. Courses for self-use are available on request.

Massage Hamburg Max masseur




Maximilian started with us many years ago as an “Australian masseur”. Meanwhile, and with many years of experience, he is one of the most sought-after masseurs in the neckattack “Mobile Massage Hamburg” team.

When he is not traveling, he provides our customers with relaxation directly at the workplace or relieves tension on the mobile massage chair. Mobile massages can be booked at his place of work in Hamburg or simply at home. Relaxation and wellness guaranteed.

... and many, many more ...

Office massage

It has been proven that mobile massage increases this in the company Satisfaction of employees and therefore also the Productivity and concentration. To coordinate the individual employees who benefit from a Office massage you can easily use our online reservation tool to help. We offer this to you free of charge. The journey within Hamburg and the equipment for the massage are also included in our prices. We do not incur any other hidden costs.

Ask us for an individual offer for the mobile massage in the office or at home in the home office, we are guaranteed to find the right solution for you.

office massage
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Bar massages

Massages in bars in Hamburg take place regularly from Wednesday to Saturday.
The tours of our team "Mobile Massage Hamburg" start z. B. in the Schanze at 21:00 p.m. and continue through Hamburg's nightlife.

Mobile massage at home

Simply relaxing at home in your own four walls naturally also works with neckattack. Your masseur will come to you directly and bring his massage table with him. Your back, as well as your entire body, relaxes and well-being spreads. For mobile Massage at home just send an email to write or call for free 08003 380 380.

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