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Massage for offices and events | in Frankfurt for 15 years | without travel costs

or call free of charge: 0800 3 380 380

Office massage

The massage in your company in Frankfurt. Your employees will be more motivated and productive.

Mass massage

At your trade fair in Frankfurt, we will be happy to be your customer magnet with our masseurs.

Event massage

Relaxed guests at every event in and around Frankfurt.

The team in Frankfurt

Our Frankfurt massage team currently consists of 24 wellness masseurs and 11 masseurs, who are available from morning to evening, and even at night and on weekends.

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Masseur Marcus

With his 12 years of experience, Marcus is one of our longstanding employees in and around Frankfurt.

Marcus likes the colorful variety of different characters, the happiness and laughter that he evokes with his massages. He specializes in chair massage and uses lively Shiatsu techniques, stretching and classic massage techniques. This relieves tension and reduces stress.  

"Working with people and the feeling that I can do something good make me very happy. It is particularly important for me to always adapt to my customers individually. That's why quality is not just a beautiful word for me, but a value that I work on every day. " 



Physiotherapist Angi

"She has golden hands! ”Is what customers say about angi after treatment. With her rather strong massage style, Angi loosens the muscles of her customers and gives them a little break from everyday life. It gives her great pleasure to feel when her customers relax noticeably under her hands.

Angi is a trained physiotherapist, fitness trainer and trained in lymphatic drainage. She mainly treats the shoulder / neck area of ​​her customers on her mobile massage chair or massages the classic full-body massage on the massage table. Angi lives in Weinheim an der Bergstrasse and works in and around Frankfurt.



Masseuse Petra

Petra is naturopath with the main emphasis  Massage. Since 2010 is Patra in Ucompanies and authorities in Rhine-Main area active as a massage therapist in health prevention.  

"I see my work as life-time, a part of my life that I shape with my clients. I create a space by time is: time to let go, time for silence, time to be simple, time for leisure, time without appointments, e-mails, mobile phone, time for touch, time for a quiet conversation, time to dream, time for healing, time for security, time to laugh, time for wishes." 

Und by the way, the body thanks you: Tensions are released and a feeling of lightness can arise.

Petra massages on the massage chair or the lounger and mainly practices that hereShoulder-/neck massage, Full body and Foot reflex point massage. On request, she applies essential oils and offers Ayurveda and osteopathic Massage techniques. 



Masseur Rolf

Rolf treats with great sensitivity, skilfully loosens blockages and ensures deep relaxation with the chair massage.

Rolf is one of our most experienced masseurs in the Frankfurt area and has been there for his customers as an Ayuverda masseur and yoga trainer for many years. With his numerous training courses as a background, which he has completed in various countries around the world, he individually addresses each customer and their needs.



Masseuse Gabriela

Gabriela spent a long time in India and learned various massage techniques here. At home near Frankfurt, she is mainly interested in sports, health and nature.

Gabriela has been massaging our corporate customers for many years and relaxing customers at trade fairs and events with the classic chair massage. In addition, Gabriela is a trained masseuse for pregnant women and a course instructor for baby massage, placing particular emphasis on the well-being of mother and child.

Massage office in Frankfurt

Proven mobile massages increase employee satisfaction in the company and thus also the performance. You can use our free reservation tool to coordinate the individual office massages. The journey within Frankfurt and all equipment for the massage is included in our prices.

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Promotion and bar massage

Massages in bars in Frankfurt regularly take place Wednesday to Saturday.
Among other things, we start on Thursday at Berger Strasse at 20:00 p.m. From there the tour of one of our teams through Frankfurt's nightlife starts.

Neckattack is used especially in the event sector. You can book us for trade fair events, for example
Events or for your office, to be pampered by our team or to give yourself and your employees a little energy boost.

Find out more now and give us a call: 0800 - 3 380 380

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