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Massage for offices and events | in Düsseldorf for 15 years | without travel costs

or call free of charge: 0800 3 380 380

Office massage

We motivate employees in Düsseldorf offices to achieve new top performance.

Mass massage

Düsseldorf trade fairs become more relaxed and attractive with masseurs from neckattack.

Event massage

Every event gets a wellness touch and happy guests with the neckattack masseurs.

Team in Düsseldorf

Our team in Düsseldorf consists of 25 wellness masseurs and 12 masseurs who are available from morning to evening as well as at night and on the weekend.



Masseuse Chutarat

With her 12 years of experience as a masseuse, her training in Thailand and her personable nature, Chuturat is one of our most sought-after masseuses in Düsseldorf. She primarily massages our customers in offices on the mobile massage chair. But she is also happy to be commissioned for events in Düsseldorf and the wider area.

Chutarat loves her job and always does it with a smile on her face.

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Masseuse Heike

Heike is a certified medical lifeguard. It can be used in Düsseldorf and of course in the wider area of ​​Düsseldorf and will be happy to come to your office and the trade fair. She massages classic as well as Australian and can of course massage on the massage table.



Reymond masseur

"I chose my profession because it was in my nature. "

Reymond started massaging people early on and has a natural talent for finding and releasing tension and triggering a sense of well-being in people. He is convinced that his work in companies promotes productivity and, at the same time, employee satisfaction.

Reymond lives in Düsseldorf and, in addition to the office massage, is mainly on the road for us at events. He is available for all kinds of fun and is therefore happy to be used for evening events and trade fairs. Reymond is happy to come to you with the mobile massage chair or the massage couch, but also masters the Australian massage.

Bar massage

Mobile massages in bars in Düsseldorf take place regularly Wednesday to Saturday.
Neckattack is used especially in the event sector.

For example, you can book us for trade fair events, for events or for your office, to be pampered by our team or to give yourself and your employees a little boost of energy.

Call now, we will be happy to advise you: 0800 - 3 380 380

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