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Mobile massage Berlin

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Massage for offices and events | in Berlin for 15 years | without travel costs | book the best masseurs online


Auch 2020 eine unserer meistgebuchten Massagen in der Haupstadt ist die Firmen- oder Büromassage. Gönnen Sie sich und Ihren Mitarbeiter ein motivierende Pause von 15 bis 20 Minuten. Unsere Masseure kommen entweder direkt an den Schreibtisch or a special massage chair is set up in an adjoining room or in the open-plan office.

trade fair

Your customers and employees at the fair will be delighted and will always keep you in good memory. No matter whether you want to book our mobile massage in Berlin, Munich or Barcelona - we are available to relax you!


We come to every event in the capital, no matter where. We massage on cubes, counter stools or on beer benches. Of course, we are also happy to provide professional massage tables or massage chairs with the right ones local masseurs of course.

Mobile massage Berlin in the office

Durch eine kurze mobile Massage im Büro wird die Motivation gesteigert, Burn-Outs werden vorgebeugt und die Identifikation mit der Firma steigt. Entspannung und Gesundheit gefördert. Über unsere kostenlose online Buchung, die wir speziell für Ihre Firma einrichten, können sich die einzelnen Mitarbeiter an den Massagetagen, ganz einfach selbst einen Termin reservieren. Umständliche Koordinierungen fallen weg. Am liebsten werden unsere classic massages booked. The masseur or masseurs bring everything you need to the appointment and only need a space of about 2 square meters.

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trained masseur

Masseur Giovanni

Giovanni is a trained massage and wellness therapist. After several trips through India and gained experience there, he built his studies on Ayurvedic massages and treatments. With his mobile massage, Giovanni wants to convey well-being and relaxation and to reawaken the feeling of "being human".

Intense massage, back-shoulder-neck are his specialty, as well as a personalized massage service according to individual needs. A therapist who will be happy to help listens and your Wishes Fulfills.

Giovanni has lived in the capital since 2003. Actually, he only wanted to stay here for a few years to learn German and to grasp the culture - but Berlin cast a spell over Giovanni and 15 years later, this is his home and he could not imagine life anywhere else.

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Naturopath and masseuse

Masseuse and naturopath Svenja

After graduating from high school, Svenja lives in her adopted home and will continue to offer her services here in 2020. She is a trained body therapist and especially treats clients with symptoms of stress, anxiety and chronic pain in Mitte.

Svenia suffered a stroke of fate at a young age that led her to a more positive awareness of herself and her body. For Svenia, her body is a home in which she has to feel in order to be able to live fulfilled. This well-being that she has created for herself, she would like to pass on to her customers with your service.

Svenia is a trained Grinberg practitioner, certified alternative practitioner in Thai massage / Osteothai and for our mobile massage Berlin she massages her customers more gently or more vigorously as required.

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Naturopath and masseur

Naturopath Jan

After completing his naturopathic training, Jan dealt with integrative bodywork. He also studied sports and has a personal trainer license. He has completed several training courses lasting several days - including in Californian, Lomi Lomi, Thai, Shiatsu, Reiki .. His specialties are classic wellness massages, Thai massage, sports massages and of course the mobile massage in Berlin Mitte.

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Berlin masseuse

Noemi - wellness

Noemi has been with neckattack for 6 years and started with mobile massage in restaurants and offered relaxation as a promotion. A lot has changed since then and we mainly use them for use at events, trade fairs or in firnen. She also specializes in hot stone massage and Thai massage.

Hauke ​​Berlin massage


energetic massages

Hauke ​​- Shiatsu

Hauke ​​has been active for the neckattack team for over five years. The certified wellness masseur with additional Shiatsu training understands how to work with body and soul in body work. Regardless of whether it is a mobile massage at the place or with a treatment chair. He knows how to find the right pressure with his hands and the right smile for the customer.

For him, Berlin is the city of unlimited possibilities. But also a city that never sleeps, never rests, is always hectic. Therefore, it is all the more important to treat yourself to your little time-outs and to rest, otherwise you can quickly be swept away by this rush. As a sound therapist and coach, he is not only very familiar with the physical, but also with the energetic aspects: Those who relax, feel more connected, are more creative and have more zest for life. "

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Berline Power masseuse

Sabrina - wellness masseuse

Ich bin Sabrina, eine 1.58 m kleine Powerfrau. Mich hat es vor 7 Jahren aus der Schweiz hierher verschlagen. Ich liebe diese offene, direkte und tolerante Stadt. Ihr werdet mich nie mit schlechter Laune bei einer Massage erwischen, ich bin stets gut gelaunt und habe immer ein Strahlen im Gesicht! Ihr könnt bei mir eine Hot Stone Massage bestellen und Euch verwöhnen lassen.

Berit Berlin massage



Naturopath Berit

I was born in Rostock in 1972 and have lived in this beautiful city since 2006, but I also work in Berlin from time to time. My therapeutic path began in 2009. After my training as a naturopath, I dealt intensively with the subject of bodywork and mobile massage. In 2010 I started my own business as a naturopath. Since then I have been offering various massage techniques, especially foot reflexology and Shiatsu. Using various massage techniques to release tensions in my clients' body and lead them into deep relaxation. Main focus of my treatments. During my training as a wellness trainer in 2010, I learned many different massage techniques, which I incorporate into my treatments. In addition to the foot reflexology, I can also offer a soothing back, head or arm massage service.



Wellness masseuse Berlin-Schöneberg

Wellness masseuse Sandra

Sandra is a certified wellness masseuse and has lived in Berlin since 2010. For her, Berlin is a city that has something that other cities don't ... Just like her massages ... Thanks to her many years of experience in the field of body work and working with people, she has continuously developed it.

She originally trained in classic relaxation massage. Meanwhile she also offers massages on the mobile treatment chair and on the floor with Thai Yoga / Shiatsu techniques, as well as pregnancy massage and couples massage in and around Berlin.

She understands the massage as an "appointment with yourself" and attaches great importance to creating a relaxed space for conscious body time and mental break. It is important for Sandra to respond to individual needs and to bring the treating person into contact with himself.

Magnus massage berlin 300


Massage therapist


Erst seit kurzem im Team neckattack aber trotzdem einer unserer Masseure die wir wärmstens empfehlen können. Seine Einsätze in der Firma oder auf jeder Messe kommen hervorragend bei allen Kunden an. Er ist zuverlässig, pünktlich und professionell.

... and many, many more ...

… neben mobilen Massagen und Physiotherapie bietet das Team neckattack zur Zeit auch virtuellen Service an. Alle in unserem Team machen Ihre Arbeit gerne und hochmotiviert. Entweder für Firmen oder auch mal zu Hause. Wir behandeln Sie auf dem Massagestuhl oder auf der Massageliege. In einem seperaten Raum oder im Großraumbüro – ganz wie sie möchten. Willkommen bei Ihrer gesunden Auszeit mit neckattack. Wir machen Ihnen gerne ein Angebot. Nehmen Sie sich etwas Zeit für sich – wir bieten Ihnen unsere besten Masseure mobil an.

Massage Berlin restaurant

In Berlin we do promotions in selected restaurants, bars and business lounges. Book for your promotion, roadshow, or POS campaign for any relaxed occasion.

Bar timelessBellini LoungeSpagos Art & ChampagneZillemarkt

more massage locations ...

bar massage berlin
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Massage fair Berlin

Obwohl theoretisch keine reine Messestadt, gibt es einige schöne Gelegenheiten unsere Massage auf Berliner Messen zu buchen und ein Highlight an Ihrem Stand zu setzen. Massagen ziehen nicht nur Kunden an und queues form in front of your offer - The employees are also happy, for example they can get a short relaxation after work.

Here are some fairs not to be missed:

  1. international radio exhibition
  2. Green Week Berlin
  3. Berlin Air Show (ILA)
  4. international tourism market
  5. Inno Trans

Event massage Berlin

Wir entspannen jedes Event – ob Firmenfeier, Kongresse im Hotel, Promotion-Veranstaltungen, POS Aktionen, Produktlaunches, private Geburtstagsfeiern, Weihnachtsfeiern, etc. Am meisten buchen uns Agenturen im Auftrag von Ihren Kunden – Wir freuen uns aber immer wenn Firmen direkt nach unseren Massagen fragen. Wir haben prinzipiell zwei Varianten für unsere Event Massagen in Berlin: Die Australian massagethat can take 5 minutes through clothing on any seat. Here the masseurs walk through the crowd and speak directly to potential massage enthusiasts. Or the classic variant: A massage corner is set up here and the massage chairs are set up there for 10 to 20 minute massages. The whole can be as Wellness lounge and guests of the event, simply register for the massages when called, or reserve your free slot via our APP. Of course we can also make lists.

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