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  • for offices and at home
  • in Europe for 20 years
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Massage Toronto

Embark on a journey to ultimate relaxation in the heart of Toronto, a vibrant metropolis surrounded by its urban flair. Whether you are looking for peace and quiet in this city or are an explorer, we offer a selection of tailored massage experiences to suit your needs.

In Toronto's diverse atmosphere, you'll find plenty of opportunities to indulge in massage, whether at work, at an exclusive retreat or even at city events.

Our Team experienced massage therapists in Toronto create contemporary relaxation and offer flexible options for your business or personal oasis.

No matter if you have one Full Body Massage in your private retreat or opt for a traditional one Thai massage you decide, our services are just one Click removed and ensure your recovery.

Toronto, where modernity meets tradition, sets the stage for your journey to relaxation. From bustling neighborhoods to quiet oases, it will leave an unforgettable impression on your memory. Explore its culinary diversity, cultural treasures and warm hospitality.

Don't hesitate - fully immerse yourself in the revitalizing experience you deserve in Toronto, where the harmony of modernity and tradition joyfully awaits your embrace.


Massage service in Toronto

mobile massage for the office

Give your team in Toronto a refreshing break with our comfortable on-site office massages! Increase motivation and create a positive work atmosphere while we transform stress into pure relaxation. Our sessions last between 5 and 20 minutes and can be effortlessly carried out directly at your workplace or in portable massage chairs, without the need to change clothes. Your team's well-being is just a massage treatment away!

  • healthier employees
  • more efficient and motivated in the office
  • operational Health promotion
  • tax deductible

Massage at home

For those in Toronto looking for an extremely relaxing getaway and want to avoid the hassle of other guests, wait times or city traffic, we are introducing the option to book massages in the comfort of your own living space! Our mobile massage table is delivered and will instantly transform your living area into an oasis of complete relaxation.

  • less stress
  • no arrival and departure necessary
  • No waiting times or looking for a parking space.
  • familiar cozy environment
  • no strangers

Trade fairs and events

Exhausting trade fair days in Toronto are a thing of the past - as is the challenge of disappearing from your trade fair stand unnoticed! We are your go-to source for relaxation and attraction at every event in the city and leave a lasting impression.

  • Customer magnet
  • better image
  • The wellness highlight
  • will be remembered

Massage voucher

Our vouchers can be redeemed at almost every location in Toronto. Give the gift of relaxation and simply order it online.

  • valid in 100 cities in Germany
  • Refund warranty
  • online pay
  • high quality gift

Thai Massage

Whether you're in Toronto or near Lake Ontario, we bring traditional Thai massage straight to your home. Thai massage is an ancient massage technique that literally means “massage in the traditional way”.

  • 60/90/120 minutes
  • bookable as a couple massage
  • positive effect on back pain
  • more intense than the normal wellness massage

Full Body Massage

Take a soothing break and pamper your body with our one-hour massage on our comfortable loungers. Let yourself be enchanted by the pleasant scents of essential oils and enjoy a warm smile that is ready just for you. Welcome to Toronto!

  • 60/90/120 minutes cities
  • bookable as a couple massage
  • with fragrant oils
  • on the mobile massage bench

Why neckattack?

NeckAttack has successfully expanded in Europe for over two decades and is now expanding its presence in Canada to make a lasting impression. Our primary goal is to offer tailored support without personal contact with your permanent contact person. We only trust experienced professionals in the field of massage.

In Toronto and the surrounding areas, we pride ourselves on providing first-class massage services that meet our clients' needs while respecting the culture of this fascinating city. Our dedicated massage experts are ready to create unforgettable experiences. High-quality massages not only bring relaxation, but also leave long-lasting revitalizing impressions.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a traditional massage, a wellness massage or targeted therapy – you are in the best hands at NeckAttack. We look forward to exceeding your expectations in Toronto.

  • 20 years experience
  • worldwide
  • young team

  • Best quality
  • highest flexibility
  • fair prices

our massage references in Toronto and worldwide

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mobile massage Munich neckattack Logo 400

Our massage team in Toronto

Experience the art of relaxation with our exceptional massage team in Toronto. Our experienced and dedicated therapists are here to offer you the best in wellness and renewal. Discover a world of peace and professional care as we tailor our services to your individual needs. Whether you are looking for traditional massages, therapeutic treatments or pampering spa experiences, our Toronto massage team is committed to providing you with superior service and an unforgettable journey to health.



Wellness masseuse

Masseuse Sophia

Meet masseuse Sophia, an American with over a decade of massage experience who has lived in Toronto for 12 years. Her unique combination of American professionalism and Canadian warmth creates a holistic approach to massage therapy that is highly valued by the Toronto community. Whether you're looking for relaxation, chronic pain relief or a moment of self-care, Sophia's Healing Touch offers a personalized, therapeutic experience in the heart of Toronto, leaving you refreshed and empowered.



Physiotherapist | masseur

Physiotherapist Ethan

Meet Ethan, a dedicated physical therapist at NeckAttack in Toronto. With a passion for supporting people on their journey to recovery and improved wellbeing, Ethan brings a wealth of expertise to our team. Recently married, he understands the importance of balance in life and is committed to providing the highest level of care to our clients. Whether you're looking for relief from pain or looking to improve your physical fitness, Ethan is here to help you on your journey to a healthier, happier life. Discover the personal care and warmth of our recently married physical therapist Ethan at NeckAttack Toronto.