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  • for offices and at home
  • in Europe for 20 years
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Massage Hong Kong

Embark on an enchanting journey towards complete relaxation in the vibrant fabric of Hong Kong, a vibrant metropolis nestled in the captivating embrace of the Hong Kong area. Whether you consider this beguiling city your sanctuary or explore its wonders as a daring explorer, we unveil a wealth of luxurious massage experiences carefully crafted to the symphony of your unique desires.

In the kaleidoscopic world of Hong Kong, the ways to immerse yourself in massage experiences are as varied as the city's ever-changing spirit. Whether your search leads you to seek an invigorating massage at your workplace or invites you to indulge in the art of massage in your chosen retreat, we stand ready to transform your desires into reality. Our services even extend to conferences and exciting gatherings across the city, ensuring relaxation finds you wherever your stay may take you.

Our dedicated group of experienced massage artists in Hong Kong have perfected their craft to serve as alchemists of contemporary serenity. They offer a variety of flexible relaxation options, whether your retreat is the business world is or a place of your own inclination.

Whether your longing is for the nourishing cocoon of one Full Body Massage in the silence of your private sanctuary or longs for the invigorating rhythms of a traditional Thai massage our services are at your digital doorstep, ready to answer your call. Simply web your request into that Online-Tissue and enjoy well-deserved rejuvenation.

Hong Kong, the dynamic center of this fabric, offers a captivating fusion of modernity and tradition, setting the perfect stage for your journey into relaxation. Its lively street markets, bustling shopping mazes and verdant havens of tranquility ensure that Hong Kong leaves an indelible memory etched in your mind. Dedicate a moment to enjoy the city's diverse culinary symphony, explore its many cultural opuses and partake in the genuine hospitality of its residents.

So, don't let hesitation be your muse - immerse yourself fully in the revitalizing sonata you truly deserve, in the living embrace of Hong Kong, where the harmonious union of modernity and tradition awaits your embrace.


Massage service in Hong Kong

mobile massage for the office

Revitalize your team in Hong Kong with our convenient on-site office massages! Increase motivation and promote a good mood while we transform tension into pure relaxation. These sessions, which can last between 5 and 20 minutes, can be carried out in the comfort of your workplace or in mobile massage chairs, with no changing required. Your team's well-being is just a massage away!

  • healthier employees
  • more efficient and motivated in the office
  • operational Health promotion
  • tax deductible

Massage at home

For anyone in Hong Kong who is looking for a particularly relaxing experience and wants to avoid contact with other guests, waiting times or city traffic, we offer the opportunity to book massages in the comfort of your own living space! Our mobile massage table is brought along and transforms your living space into an oasis of complete relaxation in no time.

  • less stress
  • no arrival and departure necessary
  • No waiting times or looking for a parking space.
  • familiar cozy environment
  • no strangers

Trade fairs and events

Exhausting trade fair days in Hong Kong are a thing of the past - as is the challenge of leaving your stand unnoticed! We are your source of relaxation and attraction at every event in the city and leave a lasting impression.

  • Customer magnet
  • better image
  • The wellness highlight
  • will be remembered

Massage voucher

Our vouchers can be redeemed in Hong Kong and virtually anywhere in Hong Kong. Give the gift of relaxation and order it conveniently online.

  • valid in 100 cities in Germany
  • Refund warranty
  • online pay
  • high quality gift

Thai Massage

Whether you are in Hong Kong or Kowloon, we bring traditional Thai massage straight to your home. Thai massage is a centuries-old massage technique that literally means “traditional massage”.

  • 60/90/120 minutes
  • bookable as a couple massage
  • positive effect on back pain
  • more intense than the normal wellness massage

Full Body Massage

Pamper yourself and treat your body to a soothing recovery during our one-hour massage on our comfortable loungers. Enjoy the scent of aromatic essential oils and a warm smile that is just waiting for you. Welcome to Hong Kong!

  • 60/90/120 minutes cities
  • bookable as a couple massage
  • with fragrant oils
  • on the mobile massage bench

Why neckattack?

NeckAttack has successfully established its roots in Europe for over two decades and is now expanding its presence to Hong Kong to leave a lasting mark! Our primary goal is to offer each customer tailored support without you losing contact with your regular contact person. We only rely on experienced professionals in the field of massage.

In the emerging metropolis of Hong Kong and throughout the area, we are proud to offer first-class massage services. Our presence in this fascinating region allows us to best meet our customers' needs while respecting Hong Kong's tradition and culture.

Our dedicated massage professionals are ready to create unforgettable massage experiences. We are deeply convinced that high-quality massages not only bring relaxation, but can also leave long-lasting and revitalizing impressions.

Whether you are looking for a traditional massage, a relaxing wellness massage or a targeted therapy massage - you are in the best hands at NeckAttack. We are proud to serve our customers in Hong Kong with our expertise and passion and look forward to exceeding your expectations.

  • 20 years experience
  • worldwide
  • young team

  • Best quality
  • highest flexibility
  • fair prices

our massage references in Hong Kong and worldwide

mobile massage Munich neckattack Logo 400
mobile massage Munich neckattack Logo 400

Our massage team in Hong Kong

Introducing our outstanding massage team in the vibrant city of Hong Kong! Comprised of experienced and dedicated therapists, our team specializes in providing you with a world-class wellness experience that revitalizes your body and mind. With a wide range of techniques and a deep understanding of the art of massage, our team members are here to address your individual needs. Whether you are looking for relaxation, relief from muscle tension or a holistic approach to your well-being, our massage team in Hong Kong is your trusted partner on the path to revitalization. Discover the transformative power of our expert touch and join us on a journey to new vitality.


Ying Ying

Wellness masseuse

Masseuse Ying-Ying

Introduce Ying-Ying, your trusted masseuse working in the vibrant city of Hong Kong. Passionate about promoting well-being and relaxation, Ying-Ying brings a unique blend of traditional and modern massage techniques to give you a refreshing experience like no other. Her skilled hands and soothing touch are designed to melt away stress, tension and fatigue, leaving you refreshed and revitalized. Whether you are seeking relief from the hustle and bustle of city life or simply want a moment of pampering, Ying-Ying is available to meet your wellness needs. Discover the ultimate in relaxation and well-being with Ying-Ying's expert massage services in the heart of Hong Kong.



Physiotherapist | masseur

Physiotherapist Kwok

Allow us to introduce you to Physiotherapist Kwok, a remarkable practitioner working in the bustling city of Hong Kong. With a deep understanding of ancient healing techniques, Kwok brings a unique and holistic approach to physical therapy. His expertise not only includes modern rehabilitation methods, but also draws on practices that have been tried and tested for centuries. Kwok's commitment to helping you achieve optimal physical health and well-being is unmatched. Whether you're recovering from an injury, managing chronic pain, or simply looking to improve your physical condition, Kwok's extensive knowledge and compassionate care make him a trusted ally on your journey to wellness. Discover the wisdom of ancient techniques combined with modern physiotherapy through Kwok's healing hands in the heart of Hong Kong.