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Massage Dortmund

massage chair DORTMUND flat design
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  • at home or in the studio
  • certified masseurs
  • in Dortmund for 15 years

Massage Dortmund

We either come to your office or you can visit us in one of our studios. We come to every location in Dortmund and the surrounding area always without travel costs. Our certified Massage team Dortmund is looking forward to you! Stay motivated, relaxed and healthy! By the way, we are in all of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Book our Full body massage, Thai Massage or the Office massage!

Full body massage Duisburg at home or in the office or in the studio

Our massage service in Dortmund

Office massage

Office massage in Dortmund: We come to the office and massage through the clothes for 20 minutes at the workplace on our mobile massage chairs.

  • healthier employees
  • more efficient and motivated in the office
  • operational Health promotion
  • tax deductible

Massage at home

We come with our massage table right into your living room in and around Dortmund.

  • less stress
  • no arrival and departure necessary
  • No waiting times or looking for a parking space
  • familiar cozy environment
  • no strangers

Events and fairs

Massages at your Dortmund trade fair or event become Customer magnet.

Pamper your guests with professional massages and you will be remembered.

  • Customer magnet
  • better image
  • The wellness highlight
  • will be remembered

Massage voucher

All over Germany And of course you can give away massages in Dortmund as well. Our vouchers are printed out and are valid for 3 years.

  • valid in 100 cities in Germany
  • Refund warranty
  • online pay
  • high quality gift

Thai Massage

Not only in downtown Dortmund, but also in Scharnhorst or Brackel - our Thai massage will either come to you or visit us in the studio.

Thai massage is a massage technique that literally translates as "massaging according to an ancient pattern"is called.

  • 60/90/120 minutes
  • bookable as a couple massage
  • positive effect on back pain
  • more intense than the normal wellness massage

Full Body Massage

For a complete relaxation of the entire body, our full-body massage is particularly suitable. Here you will be massaged with essential oils on the massage bench for 60 minutes and we will put a smile on your face. Can be ordered in Dortmund and throughout North Rhine-Westphalia.

  • 60/90/120 minutes cities
  • bookable as a couple massage
  • with fragrant oils
  • on the mobile massage bench

Why neckattack?

We have been in Dortmund for over 15 years. Throughout Germany and in North Rhine-Westphalia we have many good and loyal customers / references. Personal support, experience, an efficient booking system for companies and, last but not least, our certified masseurs are our strengths.

  • 15 years experience
  • Across Germany
  • young team

  • certified masseurs
  • Flexibility
  • fair prices

our massage references in Dortmund and nationwide

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Our team massage Dortmund

In Dortmund we have a wide range of different masseurs in our program: From physiotherapists, medical masseurs to wellness masseurs, we have many certified therapists on our team.

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Masseuse Andrea

Andrea is certified alternative practitioner and specializes in mobile massages in the company. You can come to your home or office anywhere in Dortmund. Of course, you will always bring your massage chair with you. She has 6 years of experience, which is reflected in her professional nature.

Most of all, your customers always enjoy your mobile Chair massage or neck massage.

masseur-dummy-male-01 Dortmund


Medical lifeguard | masseur

Masseur Rolf

Rolf is certified medical lifeguard, and his specialty is full body massage in our studio in Dortmund or at your home.

His knowledge and experience in massage in general makes him one of our most complete masseurs nationwide. He also offers a wide range of treatments. Whether Thai massages, full body massages or wellness massages, etc.

Enjoy his service and just ask for him.

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