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  • for offices and at home
  • in Europe for 20 years
  • Chicago

Massage Chicago

Explore the pinnacle of relaxation in the vibrant city of Chicago, the beating heart of the United States. Whether you are a local or a traveler in this fascinating city, we offer a variety of luxurious massage options tailored to your unique preferences.

In Chicago, you have the freedom to choose from a range of massage experiences, whether it's an invigorating workplace massage or enjoying a massage in the comfort of your own home. We also offer our services at trade shows and other exciting events across the city.

Our dedicated Team experienced massage therapists and masseuses in Chicago specialize in helping you with the demands of modern life. They offer flexible relaxation solutions right at your fingertips Workplace or at a location of your choice.

Whether you are a Full Body Massage in the quiet comfort of your own home, or the invigorating touch of a traditional one Thai massage prefer, our services are just a few clicks away. Just order online and treat yourself to a refreshing break.

Chicago, the dynamic center of the United States, offers a remarkable blend of modernity and tradition. It serves as an ideal setting for your journey to relaxation. With its bustling street markets, vibrant shopping malls and leafy parks, Chicago is a city that never fails to leave a lasting impression. Take a moment to explore the city's diverse culinary scene, cultural attractions and welcoming locals.

So, don't hesitate - immerse yourself in the refreshing experience you truly deserve in Chicago, a city where modernity and tradition blend harmoniously.


Massage services in Chicago

mobile massage for the office

Invigorate your Chicago team with our convenient on-site office massages! Increase motivation and promote a good mood while we convert tension into well-being. These sessions, which can last between 5 and 20 minutes, can be performed at your workplace or on mobile massage chairs without the need to move. The well-being of your team is only a massage away!

  • healthier employees
  • more efficient and motivated in the office
  • operational Health promotion
  • tax deductible

Massage at home

For those who want a particularly relaxing experience and want to avoid contact with other guests, waiting times or Chicago city traffic, we have the option to book massages in the comfort of your own living space! Our mobile massage table is brought along, which turns your living room into an oasis of absolute relaxation in no time.

  • less stress
  • no arrival and departure necessary
  • No waiting times or looking for a parking space.
  • familiar cozy environment
  • no strangers

Trade fairs and events

Exhausting trade fair days are a thing of the past in Chicago – as is the difficulty of leaving your stand unnoticed! We are your go-to source for relaxation and attraction at any event in the city, leaving an unforgettable impression.

  • Customer magnet
  • better image
  • The wellness highlight
  • will be remembered

Massage voucher

Our vouchers are redeemable in Chicago and virtually throughout America. Give the gift of relaxation and order easily online.

  • valid in 100 cities in Germany
  • Refund warranty
  • online pay
  • high quality gift

Thai Massage

Whether you're in Chicago or Naperville, we bring traditional Thai massage right to your door. The Thai massage is an ancient massage technique that literally “Massage the Old Way” means.

  • 60/90/120 minutes
  • bookable as a couple massage
  • positive effect on back pain
  • more intense than the normal wellness massage

Full Body Massage

Pamper your body with complete relaxation with our one-hour massage on our comfortable lounger, accompanied by fragrant essential oils and a warm smile waiting for you.

  • 60/90/120 minutes cities
  • bookable as a couple massage
  • with fragrant oils
  • on the mobile massage bench

Why neckattack?

NeckAttack has successfully established itself in Europe for over two decades and is now expanding its presence to the USA to leave a lasting impression! Our main focus is to provide tailored support for each customer without requiring you to change contact with your permanent contact. We rely exclusively on experienced professionals in the field of massage.

In the emerging metropolis of Chicago and across America, we are proud to offer world-class massage services. Our presence in this fascinating region allows us to best meet the needs of our customers while respecting U.S. tradition and culture.

Our dedicated massage professionals are ready to create unforgettable massage experiences. We are deeply convinced that a high-quality massage not only brings relaxation, but can also leave lasting and revitalizing impressions.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a traditional massage, a relaxing wellness massage or a targeted therapy massage - at NeckAttack you are in the best hands. We are proud to serve our customers in the USA with our expertise and passion and look forward to exceeding your expectations.

  • 20 years experience
  • worldwide
  • young team

  • Best quality
  • highest flexibility
  • fair prices

our massage references in Chicago and worldwide

mobile massage Munich neckattack Logo 400
mobile massage Munich neckattack Logo 400

Our massage team in Chicago

Our massage team in Chicago welcomes you! We're proud to offer world-class massage services in the vibrant city on Lake Michigan. Our highly qualified masseurs specialize in providing you with the ultimate in relaxation and revitalization. Immerse yourself in the world of wellness and let us take care of your well-being.



Wellness masseuse

Masseur Samantha

Meet Samantha, our talented massage therapist at NeckAttack in Chicago. With her professional expertise and years of experience, Samantha dedicates herself to your recovery and an individual massage experience. Let her skilled hands and warm demeanor take you into a world of relaxation and well-being. Discover the magic of Samantha's massages at NeckAttack in the Windy City.



Physiotherapist | masseur

Physiotherapist Michael

Meet Michael, our experienced Physical Therapist at NeckAttack in Chicago. With his extensive expertise and commitment to your well-being, Michael is dedicated to providing world-class physical therapy services. Whether you are recovering from an injury or looking to optimize your physical health, Michael's knowledge and caring approach will guide you on the path to health. Discover the transformative impact of Michael's physical therapy sessions at NeckAttack in the Windy City.

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