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You can book us in more than 200 cities.

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Our greatest neck attack Cities

Dania massage stuttgart

CM Stuttgart

masseur max hamburg
CM Hamburg
masseur stipe dusseldorf
CM Dusseldorf
masseur Dennis Frankfurt
CM Frankfurt
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CM Cologne
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CM Hanover

cities in Germany

Companies can book neckattack anywhere in Germany - no matter where you sit! Of course we do not have masseurs in all cities in Germany, but in the 100 most important and 100 more strategic cities - so that one of our masseurs probably also lives near you and simply has to drive something in an emergency. For companies, we create individual offers from which the travel costs can of course be derived.

Private Clients can only book us in cities with more than 100.000 inhabitants. If you live in a smaller town, please ask before booking whether the masseur could also travel to your town.

Cities in Europe

Companies can book neckattack in all major European cities. If we do not have enough masseurs on site, we will expand our team with a little time. Bookings in Europe should be booked 2-4 weeks in advance.

Private Clients can also book massages in all major cities. As we are currently expanding our team in Europe, it is only a matter of time before we are in your city.