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Sports massage Vienna

If you think of Vienna as a cultural stronghold with artistically, musically and literarily skilled people, you are not wrong, but you are also not entirely correct. Because in Vienna there are not only thinkers and connoisseurs on the go, but also real sports enthusiasts who use every opportunity in everyday life to improve their To keep body and mind fit.

What professional athletes have known for a long time will now also become more and more apparent to amateur athletes in 2021: Those who do sport need times of effective regeneration for their muscles - because  those who regenerate sensibly can continue to perform well.  The ideal way to help your body relax after a workout is a sports massage. What to expect from a sports massage and why every smart athlete gets it effective massage should treat yourself regularly, you can find out here.

How is the effect?

Sports massages are characterized by the fact that they are used on the one hand to treat athletes and both before and after sports activities find their application. The needs of athletes are particularly catered for, so that not only the classic massage handles, but also special supplementary handles are used.

In professional sports, you often come across a permanent team of masseurs who train with the help of massage Increase the effectiveness and performance of athletes can. These can often be massaged every 2-3 days in order to regenerate better and to prevent injuries. The following effects are to be expected from a sports massage:

  • Increase in well-being
  • Activation of the central nervous system
  • Activation of the circulatory system
  • Increase in blood flow
  • Detox effect: faster removal of metabolic products
  • Accelerates the healing process in the event of injuries
  • Relieve pain in overused muscles
  • Avoid fatigue too quickly

Who is the sports massage in Vienna suitable for?

Many might think: “I don't do competitive sports, so the massage is not for me at all.” But far from it - because not only competitive athletes appreciate the effect of this massage before or after sports, too Recreational athletes and people with long periods of sitting at their desks gladly take advantage of them.

Because office workers in particular often suffer from one wrong posture, stress, back pain and tension in the neck. For all of these construction sites the answer is: sports massage! People who do sports in their free time can use the massage particularly well during intensive training periods in order to optimally support their body.

A sports massage must not be performed if you have a fresh injury, if you suffer from an infection accompanied by a fever, varicose veins or a risk of thrombosis. In these cases and in the case of other physical limitations, please consult both your doctor and your masseur before a massage.

What is the procedure?

How a sports massage works depends essentially on the subtype of this massage. A distinction is made between the Preparatory massage, training massage and regeneration massage.

The preparatory massage is used before sport and is characterized by the fact that quick kneading and stretching are carried out. She only walks for 5 minutes and will be happy to Warming up used because the athlete's muscle condition is improved in advance.

The intermediate massage, which lasts around 15 minutes, is usually carried out during the training breaks. With the help of this massage, the Loosened muscle groups and can regenerate better. Walking, kneading and brushing also effectively prepares the muscles for new loads.

After the training, the regeneration massage comes into play. This massage takes the most time at 20-30 minutes. This form of full body massage is about all of the resulting Metabolic products quickly removed so that they do not accumulate in muscle tissue. To increase the effect even more, it is advisable to take a hot bath beforehand.

Sports massage as a mobile service

If you don't have the time to visit a massage studio or physiotherapy practice in everyday life, a mobile sports massage is just the thing for you. your The masseur likes to come to the place where he is needed. This eliminates the time-consuming journey for you and you are no longer bound by rigid opening times. A big plus point: Sports massages are not only helpful, they are wonderfully relaxing. Treat yourself to a break from everyday life.

Neck attack has been offering sports massages and other types of massage for over 15 years and has a highly qualified, experienced team. Trust us years of experience and easily make an appointment and let your stressed and tense muscles relax.


That a sports massage by no means just something for experienced competitive athletes has already been recognized by many people in 2021. Especially those who do intensive sport in their free time or who have an office job that mainly takes place while sitting. Stress and a wrong posture lead more and more to deep-seated tension, which can be resolved with the help of a massage. Health-conscious recreational athletes also benefit significantly from the high effectiveness the sports massage.

All those who do not have time for a massage in everyday life will find their answer in the mobile version of the sports massage. So it is easy to finally get away from anywhere  Treating yourself to well-deserved relaxation and at the same time doing something good for your own health.  Just try it.

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