Sporty, relaxing, curious: the golf ball massage

Golf ball massage

Golf ball massageNot only interesting for golfers: with the golf ball massage, the sports equipment itself becomes a massage utensil and ensures relaxed muscles after sports! With a small aid, the golf ball massage can even be used at home.

Golf ball massage

For many, golf may be a synonym for “retirees in checkered pants walking across green grass”, but from this year's 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, golf will be an Olympic discipline again after 112 years and on the Olympic green it will be a far cry from retirement and leisurely walks . When playing golf, up to 120 Muskeln who long for relaxation after training. What could be more natural than to loosen them up with what made them tense? The golf ball massage involves massaging with a golf ball in stroking and circular movements.

Golf ball massageThe golf ball as a wellness utensil?

Like all Olympic sports equipment, the golf ball is of course standardized and must be manufactured according to strict standards. It must not weigh more than 45,93g or be larger than 42,67mm in diameter. The characteristic punctiform “dents” called “dimples”, however, are not specified. These dents ensure that the air resistance of the golf ball is reduced by up to 50%. Every manufacturer has its own philosophy regarding the number of dimples and the probable trajectory of the ball. The outside of the golf ball consists of a shell made of hard plastic, inside it is filled with various components that make it elastic. In the past, this was exclusively hard rubber. Manufacturers now also use combinations of other materials that are applied in several layers. Normally golf balls are only used in golf, but in golf ball massage they are also used in wellness applications.

golf ball massageSporty and relaxing

The principle of action of the golf ball massage can be compared to that of a standard massage roller. Muscles are relaxed by applying light pressure and blood circulation is stimulated. In theory, this can also be done with a simple golf ball rolling over the athlete's body in the masseur's palm. The golf ball is particularly practical when using massage oil quickly "fleeting" and rolls away faster than the masseur would like. Therefore there are special holders in which the golf ball is inserted for massage. In this the ball can roll freely and slide over the body of the person looking for relaxation and can still be used even with excessive use of massage oil.

Golf ball massage in the mobile massage

Golf ball massageA golf ball and the special holder can be stowed away quickly and packaged in small dimensions. Hence, the golf ball massage is ideal for that mobile massage suitable. In addition, it can also be ideally used over light clothing without massage oil, which makes it the ideal wellness application for mobile massage, for example in the office, at trade fairs or events. With the holder, you can also perform the massage yourself to loosen up tense muscles at home. The holder and golf ball are extremely easy to keep hygienically clean - even in the dishwasher if necessary! And: a golf ball like this for a massage is affordable for everyone who does not have the necessary change for the green fee!

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