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Shiatsu massage ViennaShiatsu massage Vienna

From all over the world, culture-interested visitors have always been drawn to Vienna, which the breathtaking events Experience with all your senses want - there would be the Vienna Opera Ball in the Vienna State Opera or the famous Vienna Festival Weeks. Traditional culinary experiences as well as the wonderful nature make Austria's capital one indispensable travel destination.

As far as work-life balance is concerned, in Vienna, as in pretty much every big city, people only cook with water: hectic rush, exhaustion and a grueling balancing act between job and family often lead to internal imbalances, tension and headaches. For everyone who suffers from these problems, a massage is the right choice. It is especially tough  Japanese Shiatsu massage that has been proven to be healing for the body and mind  at a hunt.

How does the Shiatsu massage work?

Shiatsu is a popular massage method and comes from Japan, being theirs Roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), more precisely the Chinese healing massage Tuina. Shiatsu is made up of “shi” for fingers and “atsu” for pressure. The Shiatsu method is so effective and popular that it has spread worldwide from Japan. But why is the effect of Shiatsu so highly regarded?

Shiatsu is manual, energetic body work that helps with the To release and release energy flow in the body again - at least if you follow the traditional Asian understanding. After that, an invisible energy, the so-called Chi, resides in the human being. This Chi is transported through the body through meridians (energy channels) and can be blocked in the meridians in a physically or psychologically stressful way of life.

The result is tension and pain in the body or mental imbalance. And precisely because the human being is viewed holistically, is Shiatsu is not only used for physical complaints, but also for mental problems applied. The effect of Shiatsu is thus reminiscent of medical techniques from osteopathy and the holistic understanding of acupressure and Thai massage.

Who is Shiatsu suitable for?

Shiatsu is basically suitable for everyone - it doesn't matter whether you already have certain physical or mental complaints. Often Shiatsu becomes simply a Prevention of blockages of life energy and relaxation of body and mind applied. This makes Shiatsu a holistic preventive measure for the benefit of one's own health. But Shiatsu is also very popular with pregnancy and new stages in life, so that customers can feel deep inside themselves.

However, the Shiatsu treatment is typically used for the following ailments:

  • Stress
  • Muscle tension
  • Pain in the body
  • difficulty concentrating
  • sleep problems
  • Indigestion and nausea
  • Menstrual discomfort
  • Headaches and migraines

The manual therapy from Japan is a gentle treatment method, from which usually no risks are to be expected. But there are also some exceptions to which Medical advice in advance of the Shiatsu treatment must be obtained. Particular caution applies to circulatory disorders, osteoporosis, varicose veins, high blood pressure, epilepsy and tumors.

Please also note: Shiatsu is not covered by statutory health insurance. It is often used as an adjunct treatment, but cannot normally replace medical treatment for certain diseases.

How does a Shiatsu treatment work?

Shiatsu therapy usually lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. The treatment takes place thereby in light and comfortable clothing on a soft mat lying on the floor. A special feature is that the therapist uses gentle pressure to feel the meridians in the abdomen before the treatment, thereby gaining a picture of the customer's health. Then the actual massage begins.

What sounds like finger pressure treatment because of the name Shiatsu looks different in practice: The therapist works not only with his fingers and hands but also with his elbows, knees and feet through targeted pressure on the energy points different parts of the body, where it is loosened and well supplied with blood. As a result, the blocked energy flows through the body again and activates the self-healing powers.

The Shiatsu treatment is passive for the customer, as the practitioner moves him through gymnastic exercises and at the same time for physical relaxation and well-being provides.

Top 3 addresses for Shiatsu in Vienna

Here we introduce you to our top 3 providers for Shiatsu applications in Vienna. Do something good for your health and let yourself go again.

Shiatsu practice in Vienna Sandra Schwaiger

Sandra Schwaiger is a qualified Shiatsu practitioner in Vienna. The Shiatsu treatment takes place in her practice in light clothing and socks on a mat on the floor. Depending on individual needs, Shiatsu is used here in the prone, lateral, supine position or while sitting. In a preliminary talk, you will discuss your wishes and complaints in practice.

Use Shiatsu to bring body, mind and soul back into harmony. The first Shiatsu session lasts 70 minutes and costs 85 euros.

Shiatsu practice in Vienna Manuela Mader-Höfer

In this practice you will be treated by the ESI trained Shiatsu practitioner Manuela Mader-Höfer. As in any practice, comfortable clothing and light cotton socks are a prerequisite for a relaxed start to the treatment. A session lasts between 45 and 60 minutes. The prices are requested individually.

A special feature is that cupping glasses are used for deeper tensions and that moxibustion and gua-sha, which comes from Chinese folk medicine, are used for cold conditions or chronic sinus infections.

Neckattack - The mobile Shiatsu provider

Neck attack has been offering Shiatsu and other massages as a mobile service in Vienna for over 15 years. The experienced masseurs and therapists will of course cater to your individual needs and help you regain new life energy and mental balance - without visiting a practice!

Trust that high quality qualifications and many years of experience of the therapists from neckattack and easily make an appointment.

Shiatsu treatment as a mobile service

Would you like to try Shiatsu, but you don't have the time to relax in everyday life? No problem, because the solution is: Mobile massage - also in Vienna! Your masseur simply comes to the place where he is needed. Consequently There is no time-consuming journey for you Shiatsu practice or unwanted waiting times. And the best thing is: After the treatment is over, you can simply continue to relax without having to leave yourself.

Make sure that your massage therapist has one well-founded Shiatsu training disposes. The Shiatsu practitioners have to learn the basics of the complex TCM as well as special Shiatsu treatment techniques. A duration of around 500 hours is recommended for this comprehensive training.

Shiatsu in Vienna - conclusion

In Vienna you can not only experience music, culture, excellent food and breathtaking nature - Vienna can also impress with a wide range of offers when it comes to relaxation. Shiatsu is a very special manual body therapythat is suitable for many mental and physical circumstances. The Shiatsu treatment takes place very relaxed in comfortable clothing on a soft mat lying on the floor. All the customer has to do is relax and get involved in the treatment - the well-trained, experienced Shiatsu therapist takes care of the rest.

If you don't have the time to visit a Shiatsu practice in everyday life, you can conveniently book a mobile Shiatsu treatment in Vienna. Just swing into your comfortable clothes and go for it  Something good for your tense body and stressed mind - because Shiatsu is very popular! 

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