Snake massage: test of courage or wellness?

Snake massage

Snake massageIt is not entirely clear whether the latest wellness trend from Indonesia is really relaxing, or whether it is more suitable for losing your fear of snakes or proving your courage to yourself and others. The first massage practice that also employs snakes as masseurs allegedly opened in Jakarta. There are now other providers worldwide that offer the animal massage have on offer.

Snakes as a masseur

Depending on the massage practice and region, different types of snakes are used for massage. The snakes are either non-toxic or their mouths are taped over with tape before the massage to make them harmless. With the snake massage the snakes are of course not trained therapists, they are made to snake their way over the clients' bodies by their owners, coaches, or assistants. The snakes are animated not to curl up, but to slide over the human body, on which they achieve a massage effect with their movement and weight. In addition, there is often another effect: the fear of snakes can be countered in a controlled manner!


Snake massageRegardless of whether the snake massage takes place in Germany, Israel, the USA or in the country of origin Indonesia: the snakes are the only massage utensils that are used. Depending on the customer's wishes or the provider's massage idea, one or more snakes are "used". One should make sure that the queues have been cleaned before “starting work” so that they can do “clean work”. It is often breeding stations that offer such a snake massage for visitors. Anyone who has concerns that animal welfare guidelines will be violated should find out more about the respective provider in advance. There are not always fair working conditions for the animal masseurs!


Actually, massages should relax all around and thus not only soften the muscles, but also the soul. It looks a little different with the snake massage because she

  • Leads to the release of adrenaline
  • Increases the pulse
  • Creates new perspectives
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Loosens the muscles

If you are looking for relaxation, you are wrong with the snake massage. The snake massage is perfect for everyone who wants to relax their muscles and need an adrenaline rush.

Snake massage

Mobile massage with snakes

There are already providers in Germany that mobile massage offer with snakes. The provider brings a selection of his snakes to the customer and then has the snakes snake on the customer's body on site. Of course, depending on the number of animals involved, the snake massage is more expensive than conventional mobile massage, but you can be sure that this type of massage will be a spectacular addition to your event, exhibition stand or other event.

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