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Relaxed employees in the Stuttgart online agency

Our neckattack mobile masseuse Dania is a welcome guest at the Stuttgart B2B online marketing agency creative360. On March 16.3.2016, XNUMX, she was again in the premises of the friendly agency to relax the employees.

An extra room for the massage

For Dania's classic massage on the massage chair An extra room was made available in which the atmosphere already radiated relaxation: soft carpeting, a comfortable armchair and a light therapy system showed that it was not the first time that people were relaxed! A massage should be beneficial and relaxing. For this to be the case, it is not only a matter of the skills of the masseur, but also the ambience in which the masseur works. During the massage, people and body should be able to relax. If the ambience is not right, the best will help Massage little. But at creative360, the premises were ideal for giving 10 employees a real little break this time.

Occupational health care

All aroundFor the owner of the agency, Jens Stolze, that is mobile massageoffer not only a contribution to the promotion of health, but he also sees the short break as a small thank you for the good work that his employees do.

“It is important to me that there is a fair relationship between performance and reward in the agency. As a B2B online marketing agency, we often work on strategically demanding and creative projects such as websites, e-mails and online campaigns. A massage is the ideal counterbalance to promote health. At the same time, it is a creative break and a thank you for the work of each individual ”, says Jens Stolze from creative360

Classic massage for motivated employees

IMG_0132With the classic massage on the massage chair The mobile masseur takes about twice as long for his guests as with the Australian massage, which is mainly used in bars and at events. At creative360, the employees were able to enjoy a quarter of an hour of vitalising break. Since many already knew our happy masseuse from her last assignment at creative2015 in November 360, the atmosphere was relaxed and completely uncomplicated. So not only the employees, but also Dania are looking forward to her next assignment at the foot of the vineyards around Stuttgart.

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