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Back massage Munich

Do you want to motivate your employees, add a highlight to your trade fair event in Munich and the surrounding area or treat yourself to a soothing massage at home? Perfect - there is nothing more suitable for this than a professional back massage. Make an appointment for your massage now.

Back massage Munich

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Effect of the back massage

Long periods of sitting in the office, concentrated work on the screen, appointments around the clock and long periods of standing at the exhibition stand put stress on the body on various levels:

  • Tension in the muscles on the shoulder and neck
  • Tension headache due to incorrect monitor and mouse settings
  • Load on the lower back
  • Pain in the legs
  • and much more

Back massage Munich at home or in the office

Advantages of the back massage Munich

A massage is so much more than just luxurious relaxation. Your professional back massage in Munich relieves pain and provides preventive care for back health:

  • Release of tension and blockages
  • Mobilization of joints
  • The treatment of the muscles ensures better blood flow to the tissue
  • Shoulder, neck and back muscles loosen up
  • direct effect - direct benefit

Employee satisfaction through office massage

You can find your company at trade fairs and events in and around Munich? You want that Employee Satisfaction support with health offers? Neckattack has been offering massage in Munich for over 15 years.

Advantages for entrepreneurs

With a professional massage directly on site, you can offer your team massages directly at the workplace.

  • High-quality health offers ensure employee satisfaction, employee loyalty and an attractive work environment
  • Massages increase the well-being and the health - and with it the capacity and the positive mindset
  • Possibility of tax deductibility - please do not hesitate to contact us
  • We come directly to the workplace - the treatment takes place on site

Classic massage, mobile massage and much more

For at home, for your event, for your trade fair appearance - we offer the right selection of different and individual massages with full body massage, classic massage, event massage, office massage and much more. New with us: We come to you for the home office massage, virtual wellness offers are also new in the program - the choice is yours! Feel free to contact us or find out more directly on our website (website uses cookies).

We will be happy to advise you - we can be reached on the phone, by e-mail or online from 10.00 a.m. and will be happy to make an appointment for a trial massage.

Massage - wellness for body and soul

Are you planning a wellness day and would like to book a professional massage to pamper yourself? Do you need a massage regularly in the office, after sport or training sessions to loosen tension and blockages and to enjoy perfect relaxation?

Pure relaxation

Massage has always made various complaints disappear not only on the purely physical level. Also the mental relaxation and the active break for body and mind allow total relaxation.

Feel free to make an appointment with us! Whether classic massage for the wellness day with your best friends, back massage after training with the personal trainer or outdoors in nature or as a supplement to therapeutic physiotherapy - massage ensures wellness, well-being and relaxation.

Back massage sequence

In contrast to the classic massage, a lounger and oil can be dispensed with with a back massage. Our employees have everything with them - from massage chairs to disinfectants and facial fleece. You can stay fully clothed for a back massage - another advantage, for example, for an office massage or at trade fairs and events.

Massage in Munich - the perfect gift idea

With massage offers such as a classic massage, a partial body massage, with virtual massage offers and much more, you always have the perfect gift. Our massages are a special gift idea for incentives, birthdays, Christmas and many other occasions. Just talk to us - we will be happy to advise you!

neckattack Munich

Not only in Munich; You can also find our offers in many other cities. You can also compare prices and offers on our website and let us advise you at any time. Data protection is of course our top priority - our website works according to DSVGO, uses cookies and stores cookies in compliance with data protection regulations. Our terms and conditions apply.

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Massages at home or in the office?

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