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Svenja Berlin


Yoga teacher Thai massage

Bodywork with Svenia

Description: In a Zoom Meeting, Svenia can support you with exercises that help you personally to find stability and orientation in the current situation. 40 or 60 minutes

  • Discussion of the current situation and possible goals of the meeting
  • Assuming the right position (lying, sitting, standing) Exercises for effective body awareness
  • Rest and integration phase Reflection on the previous session.

Media: Zoom
Price: 36 € / 40 min. Or 50 € / 60 min.

marie online wellness


Shiatsu practitioner

Acupressure face and neck with Marie

Description: Face and neck acupressure techniques vitalize the face, especially in the morning, relax the neck, relax the eyes, help with a blocked nose and ensure general relaxation.
Media: Zoom or WhattsApp Call
Price: 15 € / 30 min.

felix online yoga


Thai yoga masseur body therapist

Hatha Yoga with Felix

Description: Online yoga course lasting 75 minutes
Media: Zoom
Price: 95 € / 75 min., Group offers on request

mark frankfurt


Relaxation and mental trainer
Relaxation Massage Practitioner
Reiki master / teacher

Personal training with Marcus

Description: Live personal training: relaxation and meditation techniques and exercises from mindfulness training, including tips for implementation and integration into everyday life. Free preliminary talk.
Media: Video Skype or Facetime
Price: 52 € / 60 min., When booking 2 units 20% on the 2nd hour

Maximilian online wellness



Full body workout with Maximilian

Description: Full body training without equipment, 45 minutes
Media: Video Skype or Facetime
Price: 30 € / 45 min. Group offers on request

Mobility / stretching with Maximilian

Description: Mobility stretching for more flexibility in everyday life, 30 minutes
Media: Video Skype or Facetime
Price: 20 € / 30 min. Group offers on request

Belly, legs, buttocks with Maximilian

Description: Power workout especially for women, 30 minutes
Media: Video Skype or Facetime
Price: 20 € / 30 min. Group offers on request

manual online wellness


Physiotherapist and sports scientist

Rehabilitation training and personal training with Manuel

Description: Would you like to get fit for the end of the quarantine measures? Or are you in the rehab phase due to a previous injury and would like a targeted structure? Or do you want to do something good for yourself and your partner and have individual weekly partner training? There are many reasons to do something for your own health!

Media: Zoom, Facetime, Video Skype

  • Preliminary talk (free of charge) with definition of goals
  • Rehabilitation training: € 20 / 30min
  • Personal training: 25 € / 30min 45 € / 60min
Johanna online wellness


Health coach fitness trainer

Functional core & back fit with Johanna

Description: Strengthened by the crisis! The current time is constricting, creates internal and external stress, requires more sitting and forces patience and self-motivation. Our backs feel that too. In just 30 minutes, we strengthen the whole body through functional exercises, with an emphasis on core and back health, release stress and emotions and bring you back to your well-being. I'm happy for you!
Media: Zoom, simply download and participate
Price: € 5 per participant in a group course or € 30/30 min. Individual session

Deep work training with Johanna

Description: Fit and balanced through the crisis! Train stress, tension and worries away - energy, fitness, balance, toning and a lot of power are returned. Full speed ahead in a powerful home office day!

Do you want to work out completely and relax? That's fine. The 60-minute intensive, dynamic functional workout combines yoga-dance-martial arts, frees your head, holistically strengthens your body, tightens your figure and lets toxic fears and worries fizzle out. Deep Work was developed by the dancer and physiotherapist Robert Steinbacher for muscular strengthening, fascial stretching and holistic cardio and rebalancing. You can research it online. I'm happy for you!
Media: Zoom, simply download and the power starts
Price: from € 5 per participant in a group course or € 60/60 min. individual session

Healthy Performance Coaching with Johanna

Description: Growing in a crisis. Aligned & straightened out of the crisis! The current time in the home office requires a lot of resilience, learning new resources, perseverance, emotion management and self-motivation. There are also structure, organization, time and project management. Use this time to grow personally and professionally, allow yourself support!
Therefore, I offer coaching that is individually tailored to these challenges and that we will design in the areas of Body & Mind, Life & Health, and Structure & Organization as required. Holistic support at all levels:

  • Stress and emotion management
  • More energy and power for everyday life (health & fitness from the inside out)
  • Healthy back, strong core (transfer from yoga, dance, functional training)
  • Coaching for personal growth (learn new personal development resources and the 3 step program for core success)
  • Holistic mindfulness training
  • Communication and relationship training
  • Diet and exercise
  • Self-massage techniques
  • Creativity / learning from dance and horses
  • Conversation and crisis support
  • Structure, organization, motivation (time and home office management, dealing with challenges and motivational coaching)

Media: Zoom, just download and off you go
Price: Individual coaching 90 € / 60 minutes, group packages on request

Astrid crisis coaching


Naturopath NLP Yager-Code

Crisis accompaniment with Astrid

Offer: Astrid accompanies people especially in times of crisis using the Yager code. Astrid, with her 20 years of experience, is available to support you in various areas of life. Individual advice
Media: Video skype
Price: by appointment

Sabrina online wellness


UpSolution team

Fitness training & nutritionist in training

Nutritional advice with Sabrina

Offer: Nutritional advice with nutrition plan, protocol, macro calculation. Sabrina creates individually made nutrition plans, whether you want to lose weight, aim to build muscle or to increase your well-being.
Media: Video Skype, WahtsApp
Price: by appointment

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