Oil massage Frankfurt | Deep relaxation for all the senses

Oil massage Frankfurt | Relaxation for all the senses

Oil massage Frankfurt man darkHave you already had some challenging months in 2021? City life in Frankfurt am Main rushes past people and they themselves are becoming increasingly blurred with the stress and hectic pace of everyday life. What many people lack is the time to relax in order to find their inner center again in this way.

 traditional method of relaxation is oil massage that pampers all the senses and enables exclusive wellness and spa moments in everyday life.

How does an oil massage work?

A massage with oil is one of the treatments from the wellness area, where you can simply let your mind wander and escape the stress of everyday life. Massages are a tried and tested and effective means of relieving tension and pain.

With the help of a massage, the muscles are relaxed and the blood circulation stimulated. Stress is reduced, Body and soul come back into balance. The pleasant scent of the massage oil caresses the senses and turns the treatment into a spa experience.

Techniques and handles from different types of massage are used. The traditional Thai massage, which is known as a healing treatment for body and mind, is popular.

The Thai massage is ideally tailored to people's needs. However, caution exists in the case of health restrictions. If you have heart diseases, circulatory disorders, lymphatic system diseases and pregnancy, please speak to your doctor before the treatments and let your masseur know in advance.

Thai massage in Frankfurt - this is how it is carried out

A massage with oil is either a full body massage or a massage of individual areas of the body. The masseurs use a soothing and pleasantly smelling massage oil that envelops and nourishes your body in a warming manner. The  high-quality massage oils calm and relax your mind .

By special printing techniques along the body's own energy lines, with traditional Thai massage treatments, blockages are loosened and the flow of energy is released. Printing techniques alternate with stretching and stretching techniques.

The traditional Thai massage differs from the Thai massage with oil in that no oil is used in a traditional Thai massage. The Thai oil massage is a "milder" variant.

Thai massage in Frankfurt as a mobile service

Do you have little time and still want to enjoy a wellness massage? Massages, including the Thai massage with oil, are also offered as a mobile service.

A mobile masseur will also come to you and carries out the treatments there at an individual appointment. Mobile massages eliminate the need for a time-consuming visit to a massage studio or spa. Offer mobile massages Flexibility on a busy schedule, because you are not bound by rigid opening times.

Oil massage in Frankfurt am Main - conclusion

During a Thai massage with oil you will experience pure relaxation and find your way back to inner balance. Look forward to spa moments with a mobile massage without opening times. In 2021, life in Frankfurt am Main has turned upside down - so it's high time to do something good for yourself again.

Neckattack has also been offering mobile oil massages and traditional Thai massages for over 15 years. You can easily choose the type of massage in the categories on our website. Please make an appointment, we look forward to seeing you!

You can contact us using the contact form on our website, via hello@neckattack.net or 0800 3 380 380.

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