Neckattack Day in Hanover: Besitos and free massage

neckattack day

neckattack day

neckattack day in Hanover

We would also like to invite you to Neckattack Day in Hanover, where everyone who registers in advance will receive a free massage and a free drink! The neckattack Hannover team will be waiting for you at the Besitos on January 29th, 2016 from 19 p.m. Our team "mobile massage Hanover”Consists of 17 wellness masseurs and physiotherapists who are also out and about in many bars and restaurants in the city. Of course you can also have a mobile massage on the Hannover tradefair or book other events and events!

neckattack day

Besitos are kisses ...

Of course, there are no kisses on Neckattack Day in Hanover, but “only” a free short massage with a free drink. You have to give yourself the kisses! The best thing to do is to invite your friends to Neckattack Day Hannover. If you register, you too can enjoy a free massage and drink! Start the evening with a relaxing massage and then let the evening end in a relaxed atmosphere in the Besitos with tapas and more.

neckattack day

Tapas and more ... massage!

Tapas are tempting little delicacies that are served with a glass of wine or beer at the bar in Spain. If you are more hungry, you can of course go on a culinary journey through Spain at Besitos, because in addition to tapas, many other local dishes and specialties are served. Starting of course with Serrano ham, Manchego cheese and the omnipresent paella to prawns, fish and juicy meat dishes. The specialty of the Besitos is certainly the "Cocktail Casino“Which is held every Monday. From 20 p.m., the cube determines the price of your cocktail. The number of pips on the dice determines the price of the cocktail.

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Dice cocktails - or for free!

At Neckattack Day Hanover, nobody has to throw the dice for the price of their cocktail. The first drink is always free if you are among the first 100 registered guests. And there is also a wonderfully relaxing bar massage, which lets you forget everyday office life on the last working day in January and heralds the weekend. A really relaxed start to the weekend: tapas, drinks and massage!

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Who gets a free drink and massage?

The first 100 participants who register on the neckattack Facebook page will receive a free 5-10 minute massage and a delicious drink. What do you have to do for it? Simply mark the Facebook page with "I like" and confirm your participation in the "Neckattack Day Hannover" event on Facebook. Anyone who does not have Facebook can simply register here via our website: Registration! Then you just have to on the 29. January 2016 after work from 19:00 a.m. Come to the Besitos in Goseriede 4 to enjoy your free massage and drink!

neckattack day

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