Neckattack Day Berlin: Massage under palm trees

Neckattack Day Berlin

On January 28, 2016, everyone who is quick enough will get a free massage and a free drink on the first neckattack day in Berlin!Neckattack Day Berlin

The first month of the new year is usually as stressful as the last. Everything that was left behind over the holidays and “between the years” now has to be done - and preferably yesterday. Who doesn't long for some relaxation after a hectic workday? At Neckattack Day on January 28, 2016, all Berliners have the chance to get to know our bar massage in an exotic, relaxing location: a short Indian vacation with mobile massage in the AMRIT Restaurant Berlin Mitte!

Neckattack Day BerlinFree massage and drink

The first 100 participants who register on the neckattack Facebook page will receive a free 5-10 minute massage and a delicious drink. What you have to do for it? Simply mark the Facebook page with "I like" and your participation in the event "nEckattack Day Berlin" to confirm. Anyone who does not have Facebook can simply register here via our website: Registration Then you just have to come to the AMRIT restaurant at Oranienburger Straße 19 after work from 00:45 p.m. to enjoy your free massage and drink!

Neckattack Day BerlinFeast on delicious Indian-exotic feasts

How about if you bring your friends with you and you take the opportunity to feast on a delicious Indian meal after the massage? Indian classics like Tandoori Chicken or Tikka Masala are just waiting to enchant your palate in an exotic way. Vegetarians will also find a rich selection of delicious dishes with fresh herbs and spices or specialties such as homemade fresh cream cheese on the menu! If the welcome drink from the Neckattack team was not enough for you, you can order more cocktails at low prices and enjoy a short short break in India. The walls covered with bamboo, colorful cloths, Indian wood carvings and plaster figures, as well as the scents of the exotic dishes take the guests on a short trip to India.

Bar massage in Berlin

Massage mobileNot only on Neckattack Day on January 28th you can treat yourself to a relaxing evening massage in Berlin! Our mobile massage teams are also out and about in many bars and restaurants in the city from 20:30 p.m. A Map with the current locations shows you where our team "mobile massage Berlin”Is to be found. Also for mobile massage At trade fairs, events or in the office we are available for you with over 40 Neckattack masseurs to offer you and your employees (or customers) a relaxing massage as a small energy boost in between. Just come by and get to know us and our masseurs at Neckattack Day Berlin! And don't forget: Free drink and free massage are only available to everyone who likes us on Facebook and wants to participate in the nEckattack Day Berlin confirm on Facebook!