Neck massage | Increase well-being and health

Neck massage increase well-being
Neck massage increase well-being

Increase your well-being and health with a neck massage

The neck massage is not only popular with neck tension. After all, it can be used to achieve a multitude of positive effects. The prerequisite for this is that you contact a reputable institute for the treatment of the neck. This should already have a large customer base. In addition, the employees should be well trained and respond to the needs of the customers. If you want to save yourself the tedious search for such a provider, go to neckattack - we offer mobile massage for companies and also at home. With us you get everything from one source! In this article you will learn what effects you can expect from the neck massage and why it is worth using it.

Five great effects of neck massage

  • An improved posture

If the muscles of the neck relax, you automatically adopt a better posture. To maximize the positive effect, you should use the massage regularly. This also applies if you have no pain or neck tension. This is how you loosen your neck in good time.

  • Relief from tension headaches

If you have a frequent headache on one side, cramped neck muscles may be to blame for this symptom. After all, a tense neck leads to the fact that you also tighten your scalp more. If the condition persists, it can even lead to chronic headaches due to neck tension.

You can recognize tension headaches by the fact that the uncomfortable feeling is evenly distributed over the head. Affected people compare the pain to that of a band that stretches tightly over the forehead. Unlike a migraine, the discomfort subsides when you move.

So if you often suffer from headaches, you should get a neck massage. With regular treatment, you have a good chance of completely resolving the unpleasant side effects.

  • Better sleep

Tension in the neck area sometimes means that you cannot find rest at night. You feel tense and movement often wakes you up. In the long run, this condition leads to tiredness during the day, which not only has a negative effect on your mood, but also on your work performance.

With the neck massage you can easily achieve relief in this regard. The treatment ensures that you start your night's sleep deeply relaxed.

  • Strengthen the immune system

A regular neck massage has a positive effect on body awareness. At the same time, they stimulate the immune system and the metabolism. The pressure on the skin causes the stimuli to reach the brain directly. It is precisely these stimuli that ultimately stimulate the organism's self-healing powers.

This makes them less susceptible to diseases, and wounds also heal faster. With this you can easily increase your general well-being with the neck massage.

  • Reduction of stress

Massage of the neck and shoulder is also associated with positive effects on the psyche. Skin contact stimulates the metabolism, which automatically relaxes your body. It will make it easier for you to leave your worries behind. Body perception is also positively influenced by the neck massage.

Your body automatically releases endorphins when you massage. This is due to the relaxation of the neck on the one hand and the touch of the spine and shoulder on the other.

For whom is the neck massage useful?

In general, neck massages with massage oil are recommended to many people. However, you should especially consider the treatment if you frequently suffer from tension in the neck area and headaches. Because cramped neck and shoulder muscles can cause considerable pain.

You can also use the massage along the spine as a preventative measure. This ensures that you do not experience any pain in the first place. In this regard, a seated mobile massage like the one offered by Neckattack has proven to be the best choice.

Especially then,  if you have a sedentary job , you run the risk of developing permanent tension in the neck. The earlier you start with a neck massage, the higher the chances that you will be spared postural damage from sitting. And what is more practical than an experienced masseur who takes care of the neck directly in the office building? (see also Office massage or Massage at work)

How does the massage of the neck work?

The first thing to do is to take the right position. You sit upright in front of the masseur - so he can reach the most important points. Experts will also provide you with special chairs with supports.

Then the masseur rubs the massage oil between his hands. He then places the palms of the hands with the massage oil on your shoulders, with the thumb resting on the neck. With these, the specialist initially exercises light and long movements. The massage is always directed towards the heart. This allows the venous blood to flow out better. By rubbing your fingers on the skin, the tissue is warmed up within a few minutes.

After this warm-up phase, the actual kneading of the shoulder and neck begins. The neck is massaged with the thumb - the other fingers are used to build up counter-pressure when massaging. Drumming against the muscles is also an integral part of the neck massage. The masseur also loosens the upper arms and muscles that surround the collarbone. This ensures that the area around your neck relaxes completely in just a few minutes.

How does this massage work for the neck?

The neck massage relaxes the muscles in the neck and upper back area. At the same time, it ensures that you adopt a better posture after the treatment. The neck loosens, which makes it easier for you to keep it straight.

With such a massage, those affected relax deeply in just a short time. For this reason, mobile offers such as the Neckattack service are very popular. Offer the massage in your company to increase the well-being of your employees at work.

What should you watch out for during the massage?

If the massage with your partner does not feel good for you, inform the masseur about it immediately. The neck massage does not target deep tissue. So there is no need to put a lot of pressure on the top of the neck. Pain is completely out of place in a massage with a partner.

More tips for relaxing your neck

You can relax your neck and shoulders with more than just a massage. Make sure that you always sit straight at your desk. Keep your shoulders relaxed and stand your legs loosely next to each other on the floor.

Neck cramps are often caused by incorrect posture. This occurs especially when you sit for several hours a day with your neck slightly bent.

You can also remedy neck tension with regular exercise. Ideal for relaxing your neck and back, Pilates, swimming and yoga.

If you use your mobile phone, position it at eye level. This avoids the temptation to tilt your head down.

Here is another good video to lend a hand: youtube

Causes of tension

A common cause of cramping is often incorrect posture. Many people today have a sedentary job. In the long run, this can lead to pain in the back and neck. Stress also promotes muscle tension in everyday life.

With a mobile massage from Neckattack, you and your employees can get relief from neck pain. VIP masseurs loosen cramped muscles with gentle movements. Protracted pain will soon be a thing of the past.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Which massage for strong tension?

Most of the time, tension occurs along the spine. There is often pain in the back and neck. Therefore, if you have neck pain, it pays off for you to have a massage that focuses on those areas. An experienced masseur will give you quick relief. [/ Toggle]

Massage is good for neck pain

Massage is generally recommended for neck pain. With it you will get relief in a short time. However, this only applies if the symptom is caused by muscle tension. If in doubt, it is better to have a doctor examine you if you have neck pain. In this way you can rule out serious underlying diseases or treat them in good time. [/ toggle]

How much does a neck massage cost?

The cost of a neck massage depends on the institute concerned and the duration of the treatment. We at Neckattack offer you our neck and shoulder service at affordable prices. Send us a no-obligation inquiry today.

Why does massage of the muscles help relieve tension?

A neck massage loosens the muscles in the affected area. A wrong posture often leads to permanent hardening of the tissue in the neck. This leads to additional cramps, so that pain often occurs. You will quickly find yourself in a downright vicious circle. You counteract this scenario with a regular massage of the neck.

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