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Mobile massage Hamburg

mobile-massage-hamburg-flat-design-massage-chair-neckattack 350Who does not know it? Stress at work, a turbulent everyday life with the family and thus far too little time to help body and soul to the much-needed relaxation.

Due to the fast paced life in big cities like Hamburg, many people regularly suffer from tension - especially in the back, head and shoulder area. A  Tried and tested and effective method to relieve tension  and to increase well-being are massages. Mobile massages in Hamburg are a new and attractive solution for customers who have little time and still want to enjoy wellness and relaxation in everyday life.

What is a mobile massage?

With a mobile massage the masseur comes to the customer. This saves the customer the journey to the massage practice and unwanted waiting time. In addition, he is not tied to fixed opening times, because appointments are made flexibly. Mobile massages also play an important role in the medical field, as physically handicapped or bedridden customers can benefit from this treatment.

The prices are tailored to individual needs and vary in Hamburg depending on the type of massage and the provider. Appointments can be made quickly and easily by email. As a new service, mobile massages offer more flexibility and take into account the individual needs of customers.

Possible uses of mobile massage in Hamburg

Mobile massages can be carried out almost anywhere, as the mobile masseurs simply come to the agreed location. For example, the masseur is simply called to the house. A practical offer, because where can you relax with a massage as well as at home?

This type of massage enables a wellness atmosphere in stressful everyday life, regardless of location, and increases well-being in a familiar environment.

Mobile massages are particularly popular in Hamburg, but not just at home. Because  also at work, at events or at trade fairs  they will be used with pleasure. And even in hotels and at private celebrations, mobile massages are being booked more and more.

Types of mobile massage in Hamburg

The possibilities of the mobile massage types are diverse. In addition to the classic back massage, there is the intensive Thai massage, the soothing oil massage, the medical healing massage, the office massage at the workplace and many more.

Basically, there are hardly any limits to mobile treatment - however, massages that require heavy equipment or equipment that is difficult to transport are less suitable for mobile massage.

Effect of a massage

Our ancestors already knew how well a massage works. The mobile massage Hamburg offers many advantages. People who have regular massages suffer less from stress, tension and pain in the body, promote their well-being and support their health more. This not only has a positive effect in one's private life, but also in one's professional life.


  • Less tension and pain in the body
  • Health promotion
  • Stress reduction
  • Relaxation and balance in everyday life


Some massages are not suitable for people with health problems. In the case of pregnancy, thrombosis, heart problems, circulatory disorders or diseases of the lymphatic system, you should consult your doctor and masseur in advance.

Who is the mobile massage suitable for?

The mobile massage is suitable for everyone who needs a break from everyday life, wants to enjoy wellness and a moment of relaxation in an uncomplicated way without spending time. You decide where you want to be massaged.

A mobile massage in Hamburg is perfect for:

  • Relaxation at home or at work
  • Events, trade fairs, conferences and congresses
  • Private celebrations
  • Sporting events
  • Medical and nursing facilities
  • Occupational health care

Process of the mobile massage in Hamburg

For a mobile massage in Hamburg, the professional masseur brings his or her massage table or chair with him. Depending on the desired type of massage, either the entire body is massaged or only a partial massage is carried out. In the office, among other things, the back is massaged through clothing on a massage chair.

In private rooms, with the option of a shower afterwards, soothing oil can also be used directly on the skin during a full-body massage on a massage table.

Conclusion Mobile Massage Hamburg

The offer of a mobile massage is flexible and diverse, as there are numerous types of mobile massage. The customer can simply relax without time pressure and book the treatment according to their individual needs. In addition to positive effects on well-being and health, there are more and more opportunities to integrate massages into private or professional everyday life.

Appointments are easily booked by email and prices are individually coordinated. Whether in the office or at home - mobile massages help to relax body and soul and ensure a special wellness moment everywhere. Have you already tried it?

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