Promotion massage

Do you have a product and are looking for an unusual advertising measure? We bring your product to the people! With a network of hundreds of trained promoters, we offer you an unusual way of addressing customers directly.

Our massage promoters are out and about from Wednesday to Saturday from 20 p.m. in the hottest clubs and bars in eight cities in Germany and offer the Australian neckattack® massage on. Directly on the bar stool or in the lounge, guests enjoy this relaxing and energizing massage (5-10 minutes, shoulder / neck area, on clothing) and of course they can talk to the masseurs.

Book selected tours and advertise your product or have it distributed directly. You will never meet your new customers more relaxed!

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POS campaign

With mobile massages at the POS, you can upgrade your entire campaign and give it a wellness touch.

collect points

Let your customers collect points when they buy your products and redeem them for massages almost nationwide.


Include our Australian massage team in your sampling campaigns and distribute wellness giveaways

Benefits of the Pormotion massage

Nationwide availability of the promotional masseurs who are available for almost every kind of fun.

Book a promotion massage

Feel free to contact us and we will clarify in a personal conversation how you can place your products with a promotional massage.

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