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mobile-massage-on-the-massage-chair-flat-design-neckattack-dark-530What is mobile massage?

The mobile massage is a massage that is not performed in a practice but at an external location. The office chair of your employees is just as suitable for this as a hospital room in your company or just a separate corner in the warehouse or open-plan office.  The masseur comes with a mobile massage table or chair  and takes care of your employees during breaks or during working hours. As has now been proven by various studies, massages are health-promoting. However, at least people take the time to go to a massage practice during their free time. To the health of your employees to strengthen and this again more motivated to give the mobile massage on site in your company.

Types of mobile massage

If you want the mobile massage for your company or office, then there are different types. Your employees as well as your customers and visitors can benefit from the mobile massage. The following massages are offered to suit your company and event:

Office massage

If you sit at your desk in front of the computer for a long time and work, your muscles will sooner or later become tense if you don't find a balance. A mobile massage means  more motivation among employees , when they can sit back and relax at their desks after a soothing break from the massage. The mobile massages are suitable for every company, whether you run an office with five employees or a large company in which more than 500 employees work for you. You will remember that Employee health is promoted and the disease rate will decrease. more about the office massage …

Event massage

If you own an agency or are planning an event, then event massages are ideal for customers. Because one  mobile massage at an event can attract customers . It doesn't matter what the action or show is, customers will be thrilled if they get a quick massage as well as the event. Because in your free time it is often the case that a way to massage practice is repeatedly postponed because something else is pending. The customers who come to your event or show in their free time usually don't want to miss out on a mobile massage. There is no better promotion for your company in such a case. ... more about the event massage ...

Mass massage

The same also applies to trade fairs at which you exhibit. Set up a corner with a massage bench and a trained masseur and offer visitors a little downtime. The trade fair visitors are often people who are also doing their work here because they are looking for new products or ideas. One  Massage, which can be a small ray of hope in the stressful everyday trade fair life , most cannot be missed. The side effect is that you will be seen with your booth and the visitors will remember your company, your offer and the name. .. more about trade fair massage …

Who are mobile massages suitable for?

The mobile massages are available in all areas. Both large companies or small offices as well as private individuals can book the mobile massage.

For companies

With a mobile massage you can your employees motivate to top performance. Because a massage is not only good for the body but also for the psyche. A little break from the stressful everyday work works wonders here. Especially if your employees do not have to sacrifice their free time in the afternoon or evening for this, but can simply switch from the office chair to the massage table. Through a massage, the employee more concentration, this increases productivity and keeps employees healthier and more engaged not sick that often.

Private Clients

Even if you want to enjoy a relaxing massage at home, especially if you are not mobile or are ill, or have a sick person in the house for whom you want to organize the massage, this is certainly possible. The bookings for the massage can also be selected between ten and thirty minutes for three people or more.

Why should we as a company use mobile massages?

Especially as an entrepreneur, you ask yourself whether it would be worthwhile for your company to use a mobile massage. That can be answered with an unequivocal yes. Mobile massages are ideal for many good reasons:

reduction in sick leave

It has been proven that happier employees are healthier. This means that with the mobile massage in your company, you can reduce sick leave and thus lose fewer personnel costs.


If the employee returns to his workplace after a massage that has been relaxing for him, he has more motivation for his further work. At the same time, this also means that the productivity of work is increased.

performance and focus

A mobile massage can be a little holiday at work. The short break, in which the employee can relax completely, increases concentration again and clears the head. Of course, this also results in improved employee performance.

Satisfaction of employees

Employees who can regularly enjoy a break with a mobile massage directly at the workplace are also happier. The working atmosphere is improved when all employees are happier and therefore happier. In addition, with regular mobile massage offers, you will notice that fewer employees want to leave your company for various reasons. The length of service is thus increased, because your employees also feel valued as a result.

Improving the company's image

With a mobile massage you can also improve the image of your company to the outside world. Your customers will notice that your employees are more relaxed. If you are looking for special new employees, you will hardly be able to save yourself from job inquiries from quite competent job seekers with the massage offer. Because they also like to work in a company with a good working atmosphere. The image is also improved towards customers and competitors when it becomes known that your employees work more effectively and motivated as a result of the mobile massages.

Where does mobile massage take place?

The mobile massage can take place wherever there is a separate corner or a small room. Because all the equipment that is required for this is brought along. You need to worry about anything. The only important thing here is that there are no disturbances here, so that the mobile massage can bring complete success.

In the company

An empty office, the sick room or in an open-plan office behind a screen or many large green plants are suitable places for a mobile massage on a massage table. While sitting relaxed on the massage chair, the employee can also be massaged directly at their desk.

At the trade fair or event

At the event or a trade fair, it is advisable to create a separation here. This should be planned directly during construction. Because you should protect your customers or visitors who want to have a massage here from prying eyes. It is also important to avoid disruption to the relaxing massage. This can be done in a separate area.

Zu Hause

At home, the mobile massage can be carried out in a room where the mobile massage bench or massage chair can find a place. This can be in the bedroom, living room or dining room. The massage bench does not take up much space. Since privacy is usually given in an apartment, you don't have to separate anything here to have peace and quiet. Especially if your employees work from home for a long time, they will be happy if you, as the boss, send the mobile massage over.

At the hotel

If you are traveling, for example at a trade fair or other event, book a hotel room. Also in your free time on a city trip or other vacation. The mobile massage can also be carried out in the hotel room. The mobile massage is also ideal if your company is holding a seminar in a hotel. If you offer the massage in a separate room for the seminar participants, they can relax during the breaks or in the evening during a seminar lasting several days.

What effects does a mobile massage have in general?

Mobile massages can have many effects. In this way, tension caused by sitting at a desk and computer for a long time is loosened and released. Any pain caused by this subsides. But the mobile massage can also be used to counteract stress that can arise from work. This is because the muscles tense up unintentionally as a result of stress, because the body tenses in such a case without being noticed. With a mobile massage, the employee can relax and switch off for a few minutes, which reduces stress. The mobile massage also has a disease-preventing effect, because tension and stress are often the beginning of other diseases that can develop over time. The employees are more motivated overall, headaches caused by tension disappear and the psychological side of the massage should not be underestimated for these reasons. Because the mobile massage gives your employees a feeling of happiness that can last for a long time, making them happier and having more fun going back to work.

Through the professional use of the massage, fatigue substances are removed. This can be due to lactic acid in the muscle tissue and thus prevents the muscle fascia from sticking together. In addition, a mobile massage increases blood flow to the muscles and stimulates the metabolism, which contributes to improved stress management.

The massages make your employees happier and this also increases loyalty and bonding. A high salary can be attractive, but regular massages also play a big part in this.

Mobile massages on a massage chair or rather a bench?

The mobile massage on a massage chair does not require as much space as on a bench. However, the preferences are also different here. If only the shoulder and neck area is massaged, a massage chair is sufficient. The massage table enables a full body massage and, above all, an intensive massage in the lower back area.

How do I find a mobile masseur?

You can find a mobile massage therapist in a number of ways. This includes the following:

neck attack

Go directly to the page. Here you will find everything you want to know about mobile massage. The mobile massages are offered here throughout Germany, so that you will also find the right masseur for you locally.

Local search on the internet

You can also carry out a local search on the Internet. You can also find the right mobile masseur on site.

How much do mobile massages cost?

The costs for the mobile massages vary and depend on how many minutes are scheduled per person and how many people are to be massaged. In addition, it often depends on the type of massage. However, you can expect a partial massage to start in fewer minutes at a price of around €25,00 per person. The prices increase with what can be minutes and also for the massage up to a full body massage up to about 50,00 euros or more per person.

How long do mobile massages usually last per person?

You can book the mobile massages between ten and thirty minutes per person. The prerequisite for this is that at least three people are massaged. Ten minutes is a partial massage, in which the shoulder and neck area is usually massaged, half an hour is usually a full body massage.

In the company

In the company with many employees, the offers for the short massages are ideal. These can also be done on a massage chair directly at the desk. In this way, as many employees as possible can enjoy the relaxing massage in one day.

Zu Hause

If you book a mobile massage for your employees in the home office at home, then it is usually only one person in a household. A longer massage of about thirty minutes on the massage bench is ideal here.

In the hotel at events

At events where you want to offer a massage to customers or participants, a massage chair and a short massage of about 10 minutes is recommended. As a rule, this is an action that is intended to acquire customers and therefore ten minutes are completely sufficient in this case.

What do I pay attention to when booking mobile massages?

When booking mobile massages, it is important to know in advance how many people are to be massaged in one day. You should also think about the time of the massage and whether you want a massage chair or a massage bed in advance. Before booking, it is important to obtain a non-binding offer for the total costs for one day, after which you can then decide on one or the other provider for mobile massages. Since mobile masseurs are on the road nationwide, the location of the event must be specified so that the nearest masseur in your area can be sent to you here.

How do I book a mobile massage?

You can send an email or call a toll-free hotline number. Here you can speak personally with those responsible. The employee on the phone will be happy to explain which options for mobile massages you can book here. You can also receive an individual offer without any further obligations and make the booking later. It is always helpful if you use the form provided or send an e-mail to let us know what you want the mobile massage to look like and how many people should take part before the offer is made. An offer can then be made for you with all the costs incurred, which you can then book.

Should a massage chair or bench be used?

Whether you want a massage chair or a massage bench also depends on the length of the massage you want. If there are many employees and a ten-minute massage each, the massage chair is more suitable, as usually only the shoulder and neck area is massaged. If there are fewer employees, if you have a quiet room available and if the individual massages should last longer, then the massage bench is definitely a good idea.

What do we need to prepare?

As a rule, you do not have to prepare anything because all the equipment for the massage is brought with you. Only one room or corner should be made available where the staff can have the needed rest during the massage. You can also separate a corner with a screen or tall green plants in an open-plan office. It is helpful if your employees bring a large bath towel with them on the day of the massage, especially if the massage is to be massaged on the bench.


A mobile massage  for the employees or the customers of your company has only advantages . After all, a massage means that the person being massaged feels good afterwards, is more relaxed and clear your head again Has. Many people are happy to get involved in a mobile massage because they do not have to make an appointment in a massage practice, which is usually during their free time. Once home after a day's work, many shy away from having to go out again. The mobile massage directly on site therefore offers the possibility to carry it out during working hours or during a break and afterwards directly motivated and strengthened but also recovered to go back to work. Different types of mobile massages offer many possibilities to carry them out.

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