Mass massage

Draw even more customers and interested parties to your exhibition stand with the professional exhibition massage from neckattack®. Our masseurs work directly at your stand, relax your staff there and pamper your customers classic massage or our specialty, the Australian massage.

6 good reasons for your mass massage

better image

The image of your company is improved and you spoil your customers. They make a more attractive, healthier impression on customers and employees.

Customer magnet

You are guaranteed to be able to attract even more visitors to your stand. You get more leads to follow up and definitely have more smiling faces at your booth.

more leads

You attract more potential customers who can sign up for a massage with your business card or be addressed in the queue. With massages, they draw leads from the customers streaming by.


Use the mobile massage as an incentive for your stand staff, because standing for long periods makes you tired - and which visitor likes to talk to tired hostesses?


Offer your visitors the massage as a prize in a competition: distribute tickets in the morning, draw the winners at noon, who can immediately enjoy their massage.


Fair also means stress. Not only for you but also for your employees. These come "down" with a short massage and are more relaxed and in a better mood for customers.

Mass massage and psychological effects

A masseur at the booth, with smiling customers standing up and forming a small line, generates attention. It is important to use this skillfully and translate it into customer contacts. Every stand at the fair tries by all means to attract as many customers as possible. There is a need to impressively differentiate yourself from the competition's exhibition stands. After a Study by Schramm / Klein (2013) only 33,6% can remember any promotional measure. Because of the wealth of information at trade fairs, it is difficult to generate attention.

Promotional activities are usually specifically geared towards the product or service. Messages that are of course important. However, customers at a trade fair are flooded with these and run from one stand to the next. Here massage is a welcome counterpoint, the brief relaxation in between. Customers come down to your stand and are open to you and your product again. It's the perfect moment for a sales pitch. These moments are also more likely to be remembered and follow-up campaigns after the fair convert better.

Another interesting effect of the trade fair massage can also be proven psychologically. Touching it (especially a massage) affects risk behavior. According to a study by Levav and Argo, 2010, men who were greeted by a woman with a handshake or were touched on the shoulder were the most risky when it came to dealing with money.

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Book a fair massage

Does the fair start the day after tomorrow? Or do you not have enough customers at your stand? No problem! With our network of more than 500 masseurs across Germany, we can also deploy our masseurs at short notice.

Do like some of our customers, e. B. Deutsche Börse, Lufthansa, Solomon Food World, Coca Cola and many more: Call us, we will be happy to advise you!


From our experience, ours comes best at trade fairs classic massage Use on the mobile massage chair: Massage in the shoulder / neck area on clothing for between 10 and 20 Wed.grooves.

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