Event massage

The success of your event rises and falls with the enthusiasm and satisfaction of your customers and the motivation of your event staff. What better way to strengthen this than with relaxing massages?

  • more visitors
  • better image
  • more relaxed guests

A highlight for every event

Visitor magnet

Massages are popular everywhere and attract people. You will have relaxed and happy visitors to your event.


A few masseurs at your event give you a wellness touch and make a lasting impression on the guests.


Simply book, our masseurs bring everything you need and only need 2 square meters of space. On request, they can also be mobile at the event and go straight to the guests.

Event massage as a customer magnet

Massages at your event magically attract visitors. Usually, queues form in front of the massage stand and even more attention is generated - if that is desired. This can of course be remedied by making an appointment. Massages can also be offered for a consideration by potential customers, such as email or simply the purchase of a promoted product. The additional attention ensures additional sales and an improved image. Even in the run-up to the event, massages can be advertised at the event, thus promoting sales.

Event massage improves the image

The fact is that massages should not be missing at sporting events! But it is not only here that events benefit from free massages for participants. All events that value the well-being of your guests can polish up your image with massages. Not only that massages relax your visitors and simply feel more comfortable at your event. The health aspect also contributes to the image. Masseurs on a professional massage chair make a good impression and are remembered. That you, as the host, also think about the health of your guests and not just about alcohol, remains in the back of your mind.

Event massage is flexible

Masseurs with their mobile massage chair need about 2 square meters of space at your event. If necessary, this area can be dispensed with entirely and our masseurs simply massage on the spot. Wherever guests can sit, you can also massage. This is what we call Australian massage. This is particularly popular with the younger target group - but we also have banks that book this type.

The assembly of the massage chair also takes 30 seconds and is of course just as quick to dismantle. In addition, a garbage bin and a place where the customer's jacket can be hung may be required. The masseur stows disinfectants and disposable pads in his own pocket.

event massage on the massage chair

Book an event massage

From our pool of over 500 masseurs across Germany, we are sure to find the right masseurs for your event. Call us now for free:


Do like many of our customers: Lufthansa, Coca Cola or Novartis.

Our wellness masseurs and trained physiotherapists are friendly, in a good mood, motivated and already have a lot of experience in the event massage sector. So we can actively support you in the successful implementation of your event.

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