Event massage

The success of your event rises and falls with the enthusiasm and satisfaction of your customers and the motivation of your event staff. How else could this be strengthened better than with energizing massages?

Our wellness masseurs and trained physiotherapists are friendly, in a good mood, motivated and already have a lot of experience in the event massage sector. So we can actively support you in the successful implementation of your event.

A highlight for every event

Visitor magnet

Massages are popular everywhere and attract people. You will have relaxed and happy visitors to your event.


A few masseurs at your event give you a wellness touch and make a lasting impression on the guests.


Simply book, our masseurs bring everything you need and only need 2 square meters of space. On request, they can also be mobile at the event and go straight to the guests.

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From our pool of over 500 masseurs across Germany, we are sure to find the right masseurs for your event. Call us now for free:


Do like many of our customers: Lufthansa, Coca Cola or Novartis.

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