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Motivate your employees to achieve new top performances

  • Increased concentration
  • healthy employees
  • more productivity
  • Motivation push

Wellness and occupational health care


You surely know the consequences of long periods of sitting in front of the computer. Make sure that your employees do not feel the consequences and give a wellness impulse: Mobile massages - directly at the workplace!


Occupational health care has now almost become a mandatory part of modern workplaces. With mobile massages on the massage table or the massage chair, you contribute significantly health care at.


With fewer absenteeism, greater motivation and a better sense of belonging among employees, this increases Employee efficiency in total, with just 20 minutes of relaxation in between!


  • Competitive advantages in recruiting
  • Reduce fluctuation
  • sustainable investment in the good reputation.


  • Appreciation for the employees
  • Increase in length of service
  • Better working atmosphere, higher efficiency
  • good image as an employer


  • higher satisfaction in the company
  • Increase of productivity
  • Increase motivation

More productive with massages

Regular breaks are prescribed by law, but in practice these are often neglected. The mobile massage at the workplace increases concentration and prevents tiredness  - A short relaxation in between is essential for productive work. The mobile massage creates attractive incentives here: Your employees can switch off in between and stress is reduced. Healthy employees are not just an end in themselves, but tasks are completed faster and more concentrated.

Studies of Oxford University, prove the bottom line that the ROI of mobile massages in the workplace is positive .

More motivated employees

When choosing an employer, criteria such as position or salary are not the only important factors. Increasingly important are factors such as Work-Life Balance or special health benefits. Mobile massages increase satisfaction with the company and promote a healthy working atmosphere. This has a positive effect on motivation and job satisfaction. A clear benefit for mobile massages: It increases the feel-good atmosphere and acts as "company climate protection". For employees it is a sign of appreciation, not a matter of course. This also has a positive effect on the quality of the work.

Of course, mobile massages must and should be integrated into a holistic company health management system. Massages are an important part of this - but can of course also be booked independently.

The mobile massage is ideally suited for these relaxation breaks. Quick and uncomplicated on site in the office: work is only interrupted briefly and then continued with renewed momentum. Relaxed and satisfied employees work reliably and with high quality. In studies, the increase in productivity is indicated between twelve and 21 percent. You can easily work out what this means for your economic corporate goal (unless you are already doing everything right now).

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further advantages of mobile massage in the company

  • Increase in concentration / productivity
  • Increase in company satisfaction / loyalty
  • Increase in the image / competitive advantage
  • Reduction of absent days / fluctuation
Improvement effects through office massage

Our satisfied customers

After over 15 years of experience have massaged many enthusiastic customers from all industries as a matter of course and successfully removed all tension. Not only our team in Berlin, but throughout Germany and Europe, we are responsible for your well-being.


Book a mobile massage

Just write us an email if you are interested in mobile massages in the office. Or call us free of charge +08003 380 380

We deliberately refrain from using complicated forms because we like to talk to you. Every company is a little different.

You can book us from 10 to 30 minutes of relaxation per person and from 3 people. Our measures are tailored to your personal wishes.

We try to respond exactly to your ideas for your office massage. Of course, you can first get non-binding information in a personal conversation or obtain an individual offer, without obligations. If you decide to use the form or the email, it would make sense if you could send us your ideas about the mobile massage for the individual employee or the number of people. Our offers contain all costs incurred for you.

The prerequisite for the treatments is either a separate room or another, quieter place.

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With a network of over 500 wellness masseurs and physiotherapists throughout Germany, we have enough resources to carry out even very large projects. Call us free of charge, we will be happy to develop a tailor-made concept:


Recharge your batteries with a treatment from the most trusted masseurs in town. Write an email to, or give a call and we will send our most experienced masseurs to you with state-of-the-art equipment to help you feel better and relax immediately.

For massages at work we come in every city in Germany and in many big cities in Europe. In Germany, however, we have specialized our service in cities with more than 100.000 inhabitants. We can serve these without travel costs. If your city is smaller - don't worry! We still offer you mobile massages in the office - probably with a little travel costs. Ask us for an offer and an appointment.

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