Types of massage by neckattack®

neckattack® - we take care of your well-being throughout Germany with our classic chair massage or our Australian ultra-short variant.

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Our most popular massage types

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Chair massage

Chair massage as a short massage on the mobile massage chair (approx. 10-20 minute massages) Wellness masseurs (m / f) and trained physiotherapists (m / f) come to you and bring all the necessary massage equipment with them.

We also refer to chair massages as our “classic massages”, as this is our most frequently booked type of massage. The possible uses are diverse, but office massages or event massages are very often booked as chair massages. Chair massages have the small disadvantage that they take up a little more space than our Australian version. On the other hand, the massage is more relaxing, as you can lean completely into the chair. All important body parts are padded here.

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Australian massage

Far from conventional massages, we offer the Australian massage. This takes between 5 and 10 minutes and is carried out in the shoulder and neck area on the clothing. The customers sit on the office chair, for example.

Australian massages are the short version of our normal mobile massage and take place without massage equipment, i.e. without a chair or massage bench. The Australian massage is mainly used at events. But this variant is also popular in the office, if many employees really only need to relax for a short time. With the Australian massage, the customer does not have to come to the masseur - he comes directly to the customer.

Mass massage

Are you planning a trade fair and are you still looking for something special? The mobile massage from neckattack® pampers your visitors and customers directly on your exhibition stand.

Our trade fair massage is primarily booked in order to have a customer magnet at the trade fair stand. Since most of the visitors to trade fairs are exhausted from running, talking and impressing, trade fair massages are an excellent way of catching these visitors and relaxing a little. Of course you can use this effect for a subsequent sales talk. Trade fair massages are usually booked for the whole day with 1-3 masseurs for the duration of the trade fair.

Event massage

The success of an event stands or falls with the enthusiasm of your guests. With their friendly and motivated manner, our masseurs ensure that your event participants are relaxed and happy!

Event massages, similar to trade fair massages, are a magnet for visitors. Unlike trade fair massages, however, visitors do not need to be lured to the massage stand. Event massages tend to enhance the image of the entire event - regardless of the industry. Event massages are booked more often with the mobile massage chair, but the possibility of Australian massages is also very good here,

Company massage

As an employer, do you want to do something really good for your employees - as Lufthansa, Bayer, Accenture and many others have already done? Book the mobile masseurs from neckattack® for your company massage!

Our company massage or office massage takes place, as the name suggests, in the office or directly at the workplace. That can also be the home office. Usually companies use our online booking so that individual employees of the company can choose their own appointments - on the day the masseur is in the house. In most cases, the masseur comes with his massage chair and then massages all registered employees in a separate area. It is often paid by the company management. But there are also enough cases in which the employee bears the costs himself - the appointment can also be paid online via our system.

Promotion massage

We enrich your promotion campaigns nationwide with our masseurs, in every industry and for every occasion.

As a promotion massage, we refer to massages that are used to attract customers and do not fall into the above categories. POS measures are often supported here by massages. Massages can be used here as a customer magnet or as a prize or as a goodie for the customer. For example, they receive a massage after buying a better product or by submitting their email address, etc. ...