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Types of massage

types of massage smallHave you been rushing through the day trying to juggle 10 balls at the same time while your to-do list keeps getting longer? Such days are not only incredibly mentally demanding, but also stressful for you  physical and mental health – especially when stress is a constant theme in your everyday life. The good news is: you can easily do something to give your tired mind and strained musculoskeletal system restful moments of relaxation so that you can find your inner center again.

A time-tested and highly effective method for body and Bringing mind back into balance is a relaxing massage – and the nice thing about it is that there is the right massage for almost every concern. But precisely because the choice is so large, many people shy away from getting a massage out of insecurity. To help you find your way through the massage jungle, we have put together the most popular types of massage from A to Z for you.

Massage and its unique effect

But before we show you what types of top-quality massage there are, it is important to understand what makes massage so special and why it works so well. The term  Massage comes from Arabic, among other things , where the word “mas” means something like touching or touching. Massage is considered the oldest healing art in the world - from the dawn of mankind, massage has been used effectively as a treatment for many different ailments and diseases.

When most people book a massage these days, their first priority is that Relaxation for body and soul in the foreground, where you can escape everyday worries for a while.  But massages can do so much more , because in particular massage guests with chronic pain or deep-seated tension in the neck, back and head often seek out a specialized masseur or physiotherapist.

In particular, activities that require you to sit for many hours a day often lead to poor posture and painful tension. If you are due to a busy schedule and a lot of stress in everyday life If you then have little opportunity to exercise sufficiently, sooner or later your body will give you a high bill: Excruciating pain that sets in over the long term and cannot be alleviated so easily without professional help. In such cases, massage can be very simple and effective remedy.

A massage can relieve tension and blockages caused by stress or posture  improve ability to concentrate , reduce stress and increase well-being, so that you can find more peace and balance in everyday life. In addition, a regular massage can also help with sleep problems. Also, some types of massage are for their detox effect known because they help to break down metabolic products faster.

Massage effect at a glance

  • Relaxation for body and soul
  • Stress reduction
  • Release of tension and blockages
  • Relaxation and promotion of blood circulation in the muscles
  • Increase in well-being
  • Relief of pain and sleep problems
  • Faster breakdown of metabolic products
  • Blood circulation of the skin

Massages have a whole range of unbeatable advantages that have saved many people from going to the doctor and taking medication. People who do a lot in everyday life to stay centered and in their bodies  valuable moments of relaxation  give, look young longer, are healthier and just a lot happier. Regular massages contribute significantly to this positive result.

The most popular types of massage from AZ

You've certainly become curious now and are asking yourself: What different types of massage are there and what effect do they have in detail? Types of massage are almost as different as people themselves. You can do them Roughly divided into full body massage and partial body massage. As the name suggests, a partial body massage only massages parts of the body such as the head, back, face, arms and legs. With a full body massage, the massage guest is massaged extensively all over the body and the wellness experience is taken to a new level.

From the classic massage, to the popular wellness massage, to medical massage therapy, there is usually the right massage effect for everyone. Regardless of whether you want to treat long-term ailments in your body, relieve tension or just enjoy a few pleasant minutes of rest and relaxation -  Massages are so diverse that you just have to love them .

Ayurveda massage

The Ayurveda massage has its origins in India and is one of the types of massage used in Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurveda is commonly known as the "knowledge of life". Probably the most well-known Ayurveda massage is Abhyanga. In this full body massage, the body is massaged with soothing oil using large, gentle strokes and movements, which is why this Ayurveda massage is one of the best feel-good massages. Treat yourself to your well-deserved wellness break with an Ayurveda massage.

Connective tissue massage

A connective tissue massage is used to loosen local adhesions and tension. It has a positive effect on the organs and has a regulating effect on the nervous system. The masseur uses special gripping techniques to move the skin against the subcutaneous connective tissue. Depending on the adhesion, the patient feels a cutting sensation, which is why there must always be good communication with the masseur so that the intensity of the massage can be precisely adjusted.

Breuss Massage

The Breuss massage is used for back pain. This energetic back massage is performed with special attention to the meridians along the spine. St. John's wort oil and paper towels are used to gently stretch the spine and thus give the intervertebral discs more space. The Breuss massage is performed slowly and without much pressure, resulting in immediate, deep relaxation.


Foot reflexology is also an essential part of the list of the best different types of massage. The foot reflex zone massage is a special form of reflex zone massage. By assuming that feet are connected to all organs of the body, their condition can tell something about the overall picture of health, thus pointing to diseases and other physical ailments.

With certain toning or sedating grips, the organs are to be activated or pain relieved during foot reflex zone massage. The blood circulation in the feet ensures a soothing and relaxing warmth.

Hot Stone Massage

Another popular type of massage is the hot stone massage. With the hot stone massage, soothing warm stones are moved gently or forcefully along the oiled skin and the tense muscles are loosened with the help of the relaxing heat. The stones can be used in many ways - sometimes they lie on the body, sometimes underneath.

And the soothing, warm stones can also be used on the face. The hot stone massage consists of massage, energy work and thermotherapy. This form of massage is one of the most popular types of massage in the wellness sector.

Classic massage/Swedish massage

The classic massage (short: KMT) is prescribed by a doctor. The muscles and the superficial tissue layers are treated by kneading, stroking, rubbing and vibrating. The classic massage, also called Swedish massage, is primarily prescribed for painful, tense parts of the body, for the after-treatment of muscle injuries and also for one-sided stress at work. Incidentally, the Swedish massage can give you new vitality and energy.

Lomi Lomi Nui massage

The traditional Lomi Lomi Nui massage is considered the queen of massages and is also known as the Hawaiian temple massage. During this intensive full body massage, the body parts are massaged extensively so that blockages can be released and the energy (mana) can flow smoothly again.

The oil nourishes the skin and gives an exclusive wellness atmosphere. Due to the fact that the Lomi Lomi Nui massage is based on the 7 different principles of the Huna doctrine, it is usually not only a relaxing but also a spiritual experience.

lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a medical form of massage. The lymphatic drainage application is used to decongest swollen tissue. With the help of lymphatic drainage, the lymphatic vessels are stimulated so that the lymphatic fluid can be transported away. This medical type of massage treatment is recognized and is usually paid for by health insurance companies as part of physiotherapy.

Mobile massage

Within the mobile massage different types of massage are offered wherever you are. Because a massage is so balancing and relaxing, mobile masseurs are booked for all sorts of events these days, such as weddings and trade fairs.

Due to the excellent effect of the massage, many modern employers have now started to offer certain mobile massages in the office as well.

Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu is another popular type of massage and comes from Japan, with its roots in traditional Chinese medicine, more specifically the Chinese healing massage Tuina. Just like the Tuina massage, the Shiatsu massage is manual, energetic body work with the help of which the energy flow of the body can be released again. What only sounds like finger pressure treatment due to the name Shiatsu is in fact much more.

In addition to his fingers and hands, the masseur also uses his elbows, knees and feet to apply targeted pressure to specific energy points on different parts of the body. With this application, the back and the other different parts of the body are relaxed and the blood circulation is good. The Shiatsu massage is also ideally suited to mental problems due to the inherent holistic approach to people.

Thai Massage

The traditional Thai massage is an intensive full-body massage in which the massage guests are massaged in long-sleeved, comfortable clothing on a floor mat with full physical exertion. The masseur works by rubbing, pressing, walking with thumbs, palms, elbows, knees and feet along the energy lines. The Thai massage is so special because it combines massage techniques from acupressure and passive yoga.

Through intensive stretching and stretching movements, the musculoskeletal system is supplied with a lot of oxygen during the Thai massage and the muscles are deeply relaxed. The traditional understanding assumes that a Thai massage brings body and mind back into harmony.

Wellness massage

A wellness massage is primarily about relaxing the body and mind. The massage guest is massaged in a harmonious, pleasant environment, so that he can find peace and relaxation. Wonderful fragrances, nourishing and revitalizing oils, relaxing music and pleasant lighting give the wellness massage a real spa atmosphere.

With a wellness massage, you will not only find your well-deserved rest, but also recharge your batteries. The wellness massage is by far the most popular type of massage for most people.

Who are these types of massage suitable for?

Massages are basically suitable for everyone who wants to do something good for body and soul, suffers from sleep problems or has problems with chronic pain. A massage treatment, as a tried and tested and natural method, usually has no disadvantages for the massage guests. However, there are a few exceptions that require prior consultation with the doctor and the masseurs treating you - because caution is required in the case of some health restrictions.

In some cases, unfortunately, treatment with a massage has to be completely ruled out, but this is rarely the case. Caution applies in principle to: circulatory disorders, heart diseases, diseases of the lymphatic system, feverish infections, some skin diseases and pregnancy.

Neckattack – Our mobile types of massage

If everyday life has you firmly in your hands, so that you permanently lack the time for relaxing minutes, a mobile massage is just right for you. The highly trained  experienced masseurs from neckattack come to you  – whether at home, at an event or in the office. This saves you a time-consuming visit to a massage studio and you can easily relax after the massage without having to leave.

neckattack has been offering the most effective and popular types of massage for over 15 years, so that the right massage can be found for almost every concern. Enjoy the effect of the different types of massage and treat your body and soul to exclusive moments of rest and relaxation.

Types of massage – conclusion

Types of massage are as diverse as people and their individual needs - that's why there is no certain type of massage that always suits everyone. With our massage types catalog from A to Z, however, it is very easy from the innumerable different possibilities to find the right one for you.

From a powerful full-body massage with acupressure elements to spa moments for a relaxed mind and well-nourished, fresher skin - one  Massage is probably the oldest method in human history to bring body and mind back into harmony . Convince yourself of the unique, well-established effect and go through the day with renewed vitality.

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