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Massage at home

Massage techniques are one of the oldest remedies, believed to have their origins in Africa and Asia. Massage came to Europe via Greece and is now a recognized preventive and therapeutic measure.

The classic massage (also called "Swedish") is one of the most popular types of massage and works with different hand movements as a partial or full body massage.

The medical aspect of massage

The classic massage works with stroking, kneading, rubbing and tapping, which work on the skin and in the connective tissue as well as in the muscles. She …

  • relieves tension and muscular hardening
  • can lead to significant improvements in diseases of the musculoskeletal system. This is also recommended for
  • Recommended for the accompanying treatment of many neurological diseases, for example to alleviate spasticity and sensitivity disorders
  • One area of ​​application is the prevention and accompanying treatment of psychosomatic illnesses caused by stress
  • Massage has meanwhile been attributed a positive influence on the immune system

Just visiting a mobile masseur can improve your health. Day and place can be designed freely - just as you want.

The wellness aspect of the massage service

The subject of wellness is about achieving “wellbeing”.

"Wellness can mean relaxation, but it is much more than that. It is the path to a better life overall that is paved through an appropriate lifestyle " (Wellness association)

Wellness can mean something different for everyone, from exercise to nutrition to relaxation. Current figures show how much society has rethought in recent years and is ready to take care of itself and its own well-being: According to a survey from 2020, 23,84 million Germans are so important to the topics of wellness and health that they are ready are investing some monetary value in it. (Statista)

Massage at home and in the office is on the rise

Typically, the service takes place in practices. More and more, the massage is also being used at home, and not just in Berlin, but throughout Germany. Simply let yourself be massaged in your own four walls, stay at home and let the feeling of the completely relaxed body continue to work for as long as possible. Complaints are forgotten and the masseur can of course treat them directly. The mobile variant can have many advantages.

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Benefits of massage at home

The masseur comes to your home at the agreed time. The equipment is brought along and you only provide the space you need. You have no travel time, no parking fees and can enjoy the mobile service in a completely relaxed manner without having to put up with a strenuous journey home. A little soft music or a scented candle can be relaxing companions of the treatment and can transform the living room into a real wellness oasis. Your body More and more customers appreciate these advantages at home in special times - as currently with Corona and COVID-19.

  1. Advantages with restricted mobility
  2. Benefits of working from home
  3. Family benefits
  4. Benefits for athletes

1. The masseur comes to you when you are not mobile

As an alternative to the massage practice, this treatment is particularly suitable for people with limited mobility. For people who cannot cope with the way to their massage practice, e.g. in Berlin, permanently or temporarily, this is a good way to still achieve the necessary relaxation. Old age, illness, pregnancy or simply not enough time do not prevent you from doing something good for yourself. In any case, it makes sense to inform the therapist beforehand if certain circumstances (e.g. pregnancy) apply, so that the masseur can adjust to this and ensure optimal treatment at home.

For people who can't make the path to a massage practice permanently or temporarily, this is a good path.

2. A healthy work environment is important

Many employees are currently working from home all over the world. COVID-19 is currently forcing companies to rethink and make the world of work more flexible. Office massage has been an integral part of corporate health management for companies for years and successfully contributes to prevention, employee retention and the reduction of employee illness rates. So that employees do not have to forego these benefits, companies are starting to move health measures to the home office. The prevention of tension and its consequences can be particularly important here: Many employees do not have an ergonomically optimal workplace at home, there are no walking routes in the company, so tension due to long and poor sitting and its consequences are inevitable. Employees working from home should always make sure to take sufficient breaks, set up an ergonomically good workplace and move around sufficiently in between. Classic partial body massage also counteracts tension and hardening of the muscles, in which the therapist concentrates on the neck, shoulder and upper back area. (see also neck massage) The massage appointment does not necessarily have to take place after work. A partial body massage during the lunch break can work wonders to spend the rest of the work day relaxed.

Perhaps your employer also supports preventive healthcare in your home office. We are available for further information! In Berlin and in all other German cities.

The prevention of tension and its consequences can be particularly important here.

3. Mobile massage is family time

Wellness doesn't always have to be a single activity. The service makes it possible to make wellness family time. Couple massage has long been trendy. In the meantime, this is often combined with relaxation for the very young in the form of baby massage and massage for dogs is also in demand. Instead of spending a rainy Sunday in front of the television, treat yourself to a few hours of relaxation for yourself and your loved ones with a therapist or book several therapists at the same time.

The mobile massage makes it possible to make wellness a family time.

4. The masseur comes where you need them.

The service cannot only take place at home. Most providers also come, for example ...

  • to the office.
  • for athletes who take part in competitions away from home
  • The mobile back massage can take place directly at the venue
  • Enjoy a muscle relaxation or a foot massage between competitions, whether in Berlin or any other major city.
  • For sports such as marathons or bike races
  • The mobile masseur will also be happy to come to your hotel and prevent tension and sore muscles after a long run or tour

Almost all appointments are possible. Simply use our Contact Form. If an appointment is not possible, we will of course offer you a replacement immediately.

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We would like to point out that the mobile massage does not replace any medically necessary treatment. If in doubt, consult your doctor beforehand and speak to the masseur beforehand.

Mobile massage offers many advantages and can work wonders as a preventive and accompanying treatment. Time and mobility aspects in particular play a role in the decision whether relaxation takes place in the practice or at home. Ultimately, the decision whether you visit the practice or relax at home or in the office is entirely up to you.

Experience shows: massages are good for the body and soul.

If you have any questions, we are happy to help and look forward to bringing you a little break home together with our team of professional and experienced therapists. Book your appointment now in Berlin or anywhere in Germany. With over 15 years of experience, we won't let you down. Massages just feel good, but even better with neckattack! Mobile massages are possible at any time.

With our mobile massages we take away your complaints and increase your well-being.




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Mobile massage offers many advantages and can work wonders as a preventive and accompanying treatment.