Massage and fitness trend: release fascia and train


fasciaA new term has haunted the wellness, fitness and massage world for several years: fascia. New findings from research have led to new techniques, training methods and products in the massage and wellness area. We create a brief overview.

Fascia: what exactly is it?

The term was defined at a congress in 2007, but in the literature and in various articles in magazines and guidebooks it is often more narrowly defined than the original definition. According to the definition of "Fascia Research Congress"Are fascia:" soft tissue components of the Connective tissuethat penetrate the whole body as an enveloping and connecting tension network. This includes all collagenous fibrous connective tissue, in particular joint and organ capsules, tendon plates, muscle septa, ligaments, tendons, retinacula as well as the "actual fascia" in the form of flat, firm connective tissue layers such as the plantar fascia on the sole of the foot. "

fasciaFunction of the fascia

They support and envelop our organs, muscles and joints and ensure stability. According to the latest research, the pain occurs in one Sore muscles also rather in the damaged or overused fascia, instead of in the finest hairline cracks in the muscles. Fascia research is still a very young research area and not all processes have yet been clearly researched. Therefore, some training methods and applications are often based on empirical values ​​rather than scientifically verifiable facts.

Exercise and massage fascia

Today it is believed that they are targeted through Training and stretching exercises can be specifically strengthened and relaxed in order to be able to better perceive their functions and the body is tightened from the inside. Sticky and hardened fasciae lead to complaints such as back pain, tension and impaired mobility and coordination. The aim of a fascia treatment should therefore be to loosen them, to block adhesions to solve and stimulate blood circulation.



Fascia rolls: wellness for the fascia

With Faszienrollen stuck fasciae can be loosened, blood flow increased and the tissue loosened. They are available in different versions, so that the right product is available for every body area and preferences. There is still no scientific proof of the positive effects of its use, but masseurs, therapists and trainers are convinced of its effectiveness. A study by the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences also confirmed the role of a short-term increase in mobility of the back fascia. These are gently pressed by fascia rollers and thereby pressed out the accumulated lymph. The mechanical stimuli also lead to a noticeable relaxation of the fasciae and muscles, similar to one Massage. Fascia rolls are ideal for loosening them up at home, massaging them and thus better blood circulation and loosening stuck structures. Fascia rolls are also available in our online shop: Fascia rolls in the shop

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