Massage prices and offer options

The overview of our massage prices is for orientation and can be adjusted individually.

1 Instance

half a day



  • 4h
  • 12 employees
  • Planning tool included
  • including massage chair
  • including disinfectants etc.
HOME office massage



  • 30 minutes per employee
  • Massages within a 20 km radius
  • at least 7 employees
  • Travel expenses included
  • including massage chair
  • including disinfectants etc.



  • 17 Minutes
  • For 1 employee
  • Online payment by employees
  • including massage chair
  • including disinfectants etc.

* all prices plus VAT

** the minimum order value is 3 hours

Massage prices in Germany

Massage prices in Germany generally vary from € 0,50 to € 2,00 per minute. Depending on whether you go to a somewhat shabby practice in Chemnitz or an expensive SPA in Munich. Mobile massage there is hardly less than € 1 per minute, as the journey, time and parking fees always have to be added. But even here we have a pretty good offer that almost no competitor can match: Home office massage.

Individual prices at neckattack

Individual does not mean that we sell massages more expensive for Amazon than for the local optician around the corner. We make all customers an offer with individual travel costs and discounts as far as we can. We advise all customers individually to the best of our knowledge and belief. Please just briefly here. fill out our contact form or write an email to However, it is best to call us free of charge at 08003 380380.